Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Lion Rampant VIII

Well after making the purchases at the Vapnartak show in York, I thought it was time to put together some mounted men at arms. I've decided to mix the sergeants and Templar's into the same units. This way each unit looks like the Lord and his personal retainers and trusted men at arms. As we know all knights are men at arms, but men at arms are not necessarily knights.

The first unit i have done is to represent Sir Henry Bodrum in my own fantasy game setting. I have to admit I really enjoyed putting these together and even got them 90% complete in one night. Just had to wait for the ink to dry to finish off highlights and such.

I have used a few left over Bretonnian shield transfer to add a little variety to the shields. The flag was put together from a paint package and some clip art. I will go over the green checks again with paint to add a little highlight.


TamsinP said...

Nice work Neil - they look the biz :)

Rodger said...

Very nice Scotty! Really like that flag!

Phil said...

Beautiful job, this banner is amazing!

Pendragon Without said...

These look great Scotty!