Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Lion Rampant (III)

I've been steadily making my way through the Fire-forge foot sergeants as well as some Templar foot knights to bring my retinue up to a respectable 16 points. This will allow me to add a unit of mounted knights and another unit of Bidowers. The option is to upgrade some of the units. So here are the next batch of completed figures. First up are the last 4 figures to complete my unit of crossbows, note the tent from the old GW campaign set Perilous Quest. I do have the other tents somewhere, just not sure where.

Next up is the 5 men-at-arms that I required to finish off the unit. These are all from the Templar foot knights box set. I even added a Bretonnian shield transfer to the unit leader. I now just need to come up with a suitable name/title for the leader of my retinue.

After I had finished these I decided to get all the figures out for the obligatory group photo. So far I am up to 42 figures for this retinue and have used figures mainly Fire-forge with a few Gripping Beast, Foundry and GW figures mixed in.

Now to fight this lot I have also begun to add to my second retinue. If I can get these to similar points I should be able to get a game in at the club shortly. The first fully completed unit is the Bidowers, 5 of these are the GW plastic bowmen and the sixth is from the Empire detachment set.

Now i've got to start putting some more figures together from the plastic sets. I have enough figures for 2 units of sergeants/yeoman or could build one as crossbows. After that some more foot knights and then I think I will purchase the Fire-forge mounted Sergeant at arms boxed set to add some mobility to both retinues.

Also you might want to check out this forum duxrampant supported by Dan Mersey specifically for these rules.


peter said...

Again some excellent painted medieval figures!I like the blue and yellow!


Ubique Matt said...

That is a good looking group of figures, nice colour combo.

Rodger said...

Very nice Scotty! I really should get back into mine and finish them off!

Neil Scott said...

Cheers guys