Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Lion Rampant (I)

To kick off the new project I've been busy putting together some of the plastic figures from Fire forge games that I had. At first I was just putting a  few figures together with know thought to the end result. However I have refocused on what I need to make up a couple of suitable retinues. First purchase was for a box of Templar Knights on foot that I can split between two retinues. One thing missing from the fire forge (FF) range is longbows so I had a dig around and sourced 6 old plastic Bretonnians that will serve well. As these guys mixed in I will try and source a few more from E-Bay.

As with all plastic figures you always end up with spares, so wanting a few un-armoured infantry figures I have used some Wargames Factory Ancient Germans. I did have to add some green-stuff to the necks to fit the FF heads. I also filed down some of the details on the arms to make them look like plain sleeves.

So after putting the first few figures together I decided to get some paint on them, Firstly what colour scheme would I use. I quite like a Green/White combo but decided to plumb for Blue/Yellow. I may use the Green/White for a second retinue.

The first figure is the Gripping Beast Templar knight from the Death in the snow set they did a few years ago.

Men at Arms
Men at Arms
Next up is some old Bretonnian bowmen. 2 of these were already painted and as they are to be used as Bidowers I have left them as is and just re-based. I did manage a head swap on one for extra variety.

Next up are 4 crossbowmen that will eventually be built up to 12. The 2 un-armoured figures on the edge of the picture are the Wargames Factory conversions that I did. Quite happy with how they turned out.

Lastly the first of my foot sergeants, currently 9 of them. A couple of these are also conversions which gives me the option of downgrading the unit to Yeoman if I wish.

Foot sergeants
Foot sergeants
So that's the progress so far. I have another 12 figures built and undercoated as well as 2 more Bretonnian archers that I found. Digging around in my old Bretonnian collection I came across 3 mounted yeoman without horses. I've stuck them on some spare warlord horse I had, To make them a complete unit I took advantage of the Black tree sale and purchase 3 more squires from their fantasy range. They seem to match up well and a lot cheaper than trying to find official GW figures on E-Bay. So more building and painting required and hopefully shortly I can get some games in.


Ray Rousell said...

Looking good Neil!

Rodger said...

Looking really good Scotty!

Ian said...

Real nice work, your getting some speed up with painting them


peter said...

Great painted figures! Like the colour scheme!


Neil Scott said...

Cheers guys

Phil said...

Excellent job, the "Blue and Yellow" mix of colors is really nice!

Neil Scott said...

Thanks Phil