Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 Already

Well first off a belated Happy New Year to you all and thanks for following, I've spent the last couple of days mulling over a new project or 2 for 2015, Also in terms of keeping expenditure down I'm looking for smaller games, I've already got a number of large collections for various periods so want to settle on something smaller.

So the first project is Lion Rampant, the Medieval rules by Dan Mersey and published by Osprey. I've been following a number of blogs which have featured these rules and they do look interesting.

So that's the rules now which figures. Looking around my unpainted stuff I have a box of Gripping Beast Arabs and a box of Fire forge foot sergeants that need to be built and painted. With these I can base my games in medieval Spain, The Holy land or the Green fields of England. I can also use some of the mounted figures from my El Cid collections for the Arabs.

The only other project I am settling for is "Songs of Blades" a fantasy skirmish game, this will give me an excuse to paint up quite a bit of my unpainted lead which has sat in boxes since I was a teenager.

After this I think I'll be concentrating on just adding odd units to my various collections, Napoleonics, WSS, ACW and FPW. This should keep me busy.

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Rodger said...

Happy New Year Scotty! had one game of LR so far, seems pretty good! looking forward to seeing what you produce this year!