Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Yet more Napoleonic madness

First off at the club there has been a small collection of 15mm Napoleonics covering French, British and some Russians. They have sat in a tray gathering dust for years, so long in fact I cannot recall in all my years at the club if they have ever been used. So I got in touch with Darren who owned them to see if I could re-base the French to match my own collection, hence allowing them to be used in club games. Darren's reply was a 'treat them as your own'. So a couple of days work and here are the French. The infantry was made up of 2x48 figure regiments which I have split into 4 battalions of 24 figures, creating a small brigade. There was also a couple of artillery pieces, a brigadier and a small Hussar regiment.

French Brigade
French Brigade
Also as I stated in an earlier post I finally completed the second part of the Austria Anspach Cuirassiers, allowing me to field them as either 2x12 figure regiments or a single 24 figure regiment. I also finished off two pieces of horse artillery that will eventually be used as part of a light division. As like the others these are all from Warrior Miniatures, including the flag.

Anspach Cuirassiers
Horse artillery
Now with it being school holidays I have managed to be quite productive, completing 2 battalions of Dutch infantry to fight along side my Westphalians. The 1st battalion is already at the club being used as part of a game. So here is the second battalion of the 6th infantry regiment. The figures are from Warmodelling and at first I wasn't very keen as they can be difficult to clean up ready for painting. However they have painted up rather fine, so I will definitely purchase another 2 battalions to finish off the brigade.

One issue I had with the Dutch is the colour of the pompoms, I have come across a number of differences so plumed for the one I preferred which is first battalion in red and second battalion in blue.

Command stand from the 1st battalion
2nd battalion, 6th regiment
2nd battalion, 6th regiment
Now I just have to finish basing an Austrian Hussar regiment and I'll post pictures of them later. I am also in the middle of umpiring a Napoleonic game and hope to post a battle report once it is finished.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Always nice to have new units come out of the cupboard and nice job on your Dutch troops.


Phil said...

Excellent work, I really like your French guys!

Ian said...

Great that these guys are going to get used and great work on the new guys as well


Neil Scott said...

cheers guys

Ray Rousell said...

Nice work Neil, Conflicting info is the bain of every painters life!!

Rodger said...

Very nice rescue work on the French. At least now they can be used! The Dutch are looking great too!

Neal Croudace said...

You've not achieved much lately then?

Neil Scott said...

just a couple hours work mate

peter said...

Really nice undusted figures and rebasing! Great work Neil!