Sunday, 1 June 2014

Austrians on parade

Well I finally managed to get two more infantry battalions and a couple of extra Generals added to my collection, a second Grenadier battalion under Salamon and the 3rd Jager regiment. But instead of just showing these I decided to get my collection out and organised a force based upon what I had. Very useful for determining future purchases.  I have organised them as follows :-

1st Infantry brigade - 15th, 26th, 37th, 40th and the 1st Jager
2nd Infantry brigade - 16th, 28th, Lower Austria and Mahren & Shlesien landwehr, 2nd Jager
Reserve brigade - Nissel and Salamon Grenadiers, 3rd Jager
1 Artillery battery and Franz Levenher Dragoons

I have 2 more infantry battalions to paint which will replace the 2 Landwehr units in the 2nd brigade. Then the landwehr and 3rd Jagers would form a small 3rd brigade. As the force show I need at least one more cavalry regiment.

1st brigade
2nd brigade
The whole force
Another view of the force
So far I have used the following miniature ranges, Bluemoon, Warmodelling, Warrior, CGM and Old Glory. Though there are some differences in the size of the figures it is not so much that you would notice and some units are made up of a couple of the ranges. As this force rather exceeds my Westphalians i have ordered a couple of battalions of Dutch from Warmodelling as the Dutch formed the second division as part of X Corps.


Phil said...

Most impressive, a great looking army!!

Neil Scott said...

cheers Phil

Rodger said...

Wonderful looking army there Scotty! Very impressive!

Neil Scott said...

thanks very much Roger

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice collection of troops Scotty!


Neil Scott said...

cheers Christopher

peter said...

Great parade of this excellent painted army!