Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Yet more Napoleonic madness

Well my journey to madness is in full swing. After painting those French cavalry I turned my attention back to the Westphalians. I have 3 battalions required to finish the 2 infantry brigades that formed the division as part of X Corps in 1809. And so 1 down 2 to go. These are the first battalion of the 6th Regiment, the figures are all from Old Glory.

1st battalion 6th Regiment
Skirmishers deployed
So progress so far on these is 5 line battalions, Grenadiers and Jager Carabinier battalion. I have the last line battalion prepped awaiting an undercoat. I still need to purchase the figures for the Jager guard. After this there are 2 regiments of horse to be done to complete the division.

Completed 1st brigade
2nd brigade to finish
Westphalian division
Once these chaps are completed it will be on to the Austrians as I have 3 more infantry regiments to complete before starting on some Prussian. The my decent into madness will probably be complete.


Phil said...

Very nice looking Westphalians, this division is impressive!

Neil Scott said...

cheers Phil

Ian said...

Very nice indeed


Andrew Saunders said...

Lovely work Neil.

Ray Rousell said...

I like all the French allies in their different coloured uniforms. The French can get a little boring to paint up in there hundreds!! Keep it up ol chap!

Rodger said...

Great looking Westphalians Scott!

James Fisher, FINS said...

No madness in Napoleonics Scott. One can never have too many!
More fine examples, top stuff!

Neil Scott said...

Thanks guys

V Barrett said...

Great work very impressive