Sunday, 16 February 2014

WSS update part 3

Well after last week with the Saxon position looking rather precarious, both sides set too once more. On the Imperial left flank, they decided to launch their infantry brigades once more against the redoubts on the hill. Once again the musketry of the Saxon Grenadiers repulsed everything thrown at them. So great was their success that the Saxon Guard infantry were able to withdraw and reinforce the Green brigade holding the centre.Eventually the Imperialist infantry were exhausted and withdrew.

In the Central redoubt the Saxons re-manoeuvred their artillery and began to pour accurate fire into the advancing Franconian Infantry brigade. With support from the Saxon infantry in the redoubt they broke 3 of the 6 battalions. This just about finished off the Imperialist right flank as an attacking force.

Over on the Saxon left flank they decided to retire both of their cavalry brigades. With the arrival of the Hessian and Hanoverian cavalry as well as more Imperial Cuirassiers they were heavily outnumbered. This actual prompted the Imperial right flank to begin its assault supported by the fresh Hessian and Hanoverian infantry who headed to the main Saxon redoubt.

The Hessian and Hanoverian commander took a very aggressive approach and launched his cavalry against the Polish infantry in the farm with heavy casualties. The plucky Polish levies held on. The Hessian infantry led by the Guards began an assault against the redoubt, but they to were heavily repulsed.

Well I reckon on one more week to see a conclusion reached. The Saxons quickly got over the news that their expected reinforcements were not coming and settled down in their positions giving the Imperialists a bloody nose.


Phil said...

Nice looking game, a defensive position difficult to attack!

Rodger said...

A hard nut to crack for sure! Great looking game Scotty!