Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A quick update

I have finally managed to get my painting mojo back. I started off on a couple of old fantasy Dwarves that I have had lying around in a box from my teenage years, then I quickly painted up the remaining 11 figures of my French infantry regiment for the French Indian War. I found that by picking up random figures and just painting brought my enthusiasm back though this got sorely tested when I finished off some Austrian Jaegers. I found these a pain and just did not enjoy painting them, forcing myself to get them done so I can get back to painting up some WSS figures. I will post some pictures later when the light is better for taking them.

Those with sharp eyes will have noticed that I have updated the paint plan for the Friedlingen project. I was quite surprised at how much that I have actually painted, especially for the Imperialists. Some of the regiments I am still a little unsure of, especially among the French. There are 3 regiments of Dragoons present but so far I have been unable to trace their names. There is also the Infantry regiment de Robecq and I can find no record for these. Any help appreciated.

I now have 2 more battalions on my painting table and expect to have them finished by the weekend. On checking through the lead pile I have enough figures for a further 3 battalions before some purchases will have to be made. Luckily with the York show coming up I might make the trip down as Dixon Miniatures always have a stand on.

As mentioned earlier I hope to get some photos up at the weekend just to prove that I have been painting.


Andrew Saunders said...

always good to get your painting mojo back!!

I have searched my reference books for you, plenty of mentions od the de robecq infantry no plates or info sorry

Neil Scott said...

cheers Andrew

Ray Rousell said...

Everyone loses the mojo once in a while Scott, glad you've found yours agian....now get then WSS figures painted!!

Rodger said...

Great news!!!