Saturday, 20 July 2013

Bolt Action game

On Thursday night at the club I put on a small game using the Bolt action rules from Warlord. Seemed only fitting as i had finished painting up the German platoon to face the British. I even copied an idea from Neal and used a gaming cloth to cover the hills to tray and give the layout a more natural look as it was meant to be rolling countryside. The pictures don't give it justice but both the players and myself were impressed with the look of the layout.

The British force consisted of a 2nd Lieutenant, 3 squads of riflemen with a Bren team each. A light mortar team and anti tank rifle team. Their role was to hold a bridge and prevent its capture by the Germans. The Germans had to take the bridge and push through to a farm house. The Germans consisted of a 2nd Lieutenant, 3 squads of 10 infantry, a light mortar team and 2 Machine gun teams.

The game was played more to get an understanding of the rules as both John and Chris had never played them before and I've only had a couple of games with Neal umpiring. I think we got through about 4 moves, slightly slowed as we used normal dice and had to keep checking what each number was for (need to get some Bolt action dice). The game petered out into a bit of a stalemate, both sides got into cover and became reluctant to move from it, very realistic in both my and the players view. It would be at this point that both sides would probably have called in support to shift their opponent.

A view from the German position
Germans go to ground
British infantry in position
All in an enjoyable game and we are sure to give the rules another run out, possibly introduce a couple of armoured vehicles though proxies may be required as I have nothing yet for the Early War period.


Rodger said...

Looks really nice Scotty. We have been using these rules for the odd WW1 game this year. Works well!

Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

Looking good!
Give some of the scenarios in the book a try, they tend to prevent a stalemate as one side typically has an objective to achieve while the other has to prevent it.

Francis Lee said...

Looked and sounded good Scotty, as long as you and the guys enjoyed it.