Wednesday, 6 February 2013

WSS Progress

Here is the next instalment for the Battle of Ramilles. First up is Howes infantry battalion. The figures are all from Warrior Miniatures except the drummer which I believe is from Roundway. I just used one of the generic flags from the Warflag site.

Next up is Stringers battalion of foot. So far I have only been able to establish the coat colour i.e. Red, surprise surprise. I've gone for Red cuffs and waistcoat with buff breeches and grey stockings. That way they don't stand out too much. The figures again are all from Warrior Miniatures.

I have also finished 3 brigadiers to lead my infantry. The riders are all from Black Hat. They are nice sculpts, though chunkier than Dixons and Warrior and can't be mixed. I decided to change the horses, 2 from Essex and 1 from Minifigs. The Black Hat horses are very large and do not match with the others.

I've finally made a start on some of the horse. The first completed are the Royal Scots dragoons on their grey horses. The figures are all Warrior apart from the drummer which is an old minifig sculpt, matches in okay. My experiment of trying to bend the arms failed as the metal just snapped, hence having to also include the trumpeter.

I've also painted up Wyndham's Carabiniers but these are still in the process of being based. Will try and get some pictures up at the weekend. I've also made an order to Old glory for some of the Blue Moon cavalry., these will give me enough to paint up all of the horse.


Stokie Steve said...

Nice work Scotty. What rules are your figures based for?

Keep up the good work.


Ray Rousell said...

Looking mighty fine Scotty!

scotty said...

Cheers guys. The figures are based on some hex rules a couple of mates created, great for large scale battles