Sunday, 10 February 2013

WSS Progress part II

In between hospital visits I have managed to finish off a few more units. I think progress will begin to slow as time for painting is becoming difficult. First up is as promised Wyndhams Carabiniers. The Cuffs, according to sources were meant to be sea green, now living next to the coast that can be virtually any shade. I've gone for a lighter green with this unit. The figures are all from Dixons and the flag from the Warflag site.

Wyndhams Carabiniers
Wyndhams Carabiniers
The next unit is some more dragoons, namely Ross's Royal Irish. For these I used the Warrior figures. That way I can easily identify at a glance between the horse and dragoons.

Royal Irish Dragoons
Royal Irish Dragoons
Next up a couple more battalions to add to the foot. The first is the North and Greys. These figures are all from Dixons except the standard bearer which is from Warrior. The flag is from Warflag again.

North And Grey
North and Grey
Lastly is the second fusilier battalion, Sabines. I've received conflicting details about the uniforms for this unit from blue coats and white facings to Red coats and blue facings. I've have gone with the latter more because I feel it looks right but stand to be corrected. Also whoever said here come the Red coats oh and that lot in blue! The figures are all from Dixon Miniatures.

Sabines foot
Sabines foot
Well that means I've got 50% of the infantry now done and about 40% of the horse. My order arrived from Old Glory minus one command for the remainder of the horse regiments. The command are out of stock and the remaining pack is to be sent through once stock arrives. I'll post a review of the Blue Moon figures in the next couple of days.


Ian said...

That's a fair amount of troops you have there, hope your painting picks up and reasons for hospital end happily


Phil said...

Carabiniers are looking great! Very nice work...

scotty said...

Cheers guys, sure I'll still find some time to get things done, probably more prepping than painting

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Looking good Scotty!


Rodger said...

Great stuff all round there Scotty.

Anne said...

Smart looking troops sir!