Wednesday, 13 February 2013

WSS Blue Moon figures Review

I finally got to do some work on the cavalry from Blue Moon. I bought one pack of the horse/Dragoons and and a pack of the horse/dragoon command. The horse come in a pack of 15 figures. First impression, they are nice and characterful figures. There is plenty of animation in the horses. I prefer this to the Dixon and Warrior horses which are single poses. One gripe is that the saddle cloth is attached to the rider and not the horse, making it a little fiddly to paint, but that is just a personal preference. In the pack I have, I've identified 5 different poses of horses.

The troopers come in 2 poses, sword held at different angles. This coupled with the variety of horses adds to the look of a unit. There was only minor flash to remove from the riders, particularly on the swords and scabbards. Otherwise no worse than many other figures out there.

The command pack contains 6 figures, 2 officers, 2 standard bearers and 2 musicians. I like the fact that the ensign has a standard pole attached. My one gripe would be that the musician is a drummer. A personal preference would have been 1 each of drummer and cornet.

I have compared the size of these figures against the Dixon and Warrior cavalry I already have. They are the largest of the 3, though only slightly more so than the Dixon. I definitely wouldn't mix them in the same unit as the Warrior figure. I would have no problem using these figures as part of the same army but kept to their own units. I know that the Blue Moon infantry are closer to 18mm in scale and so will stay clear of these for now.

Now for a fully painted Blue Moon unit, namely Cadogans horse, 2 squadrons strong. The flag is a generic one taken from the Warflag site. I have painted these up with buff cuffs and waistcoat prior to their change to green in 1710.


The Wishful Wargamer said...

Very interesting. I'm considering a foray into WSS and Blue Moon is my first choice, poassibly supplemented by Minifigs, which I think are similar in build and stature. So thanks for the review!

Rodger said...

Great review Scotty. Very helpful!

Phil said...

Nice post, nice progression, and nice unit!