Thursday, 21 February 2013

FIW Woodland Indians

In a change from painting up my 15mm WSS collection, I decided to add some paint to some Old Glory woodland Indians that I picked up a while ago. I've based them up to use in Muskets and Tomahawks, need to give the rules another run out sometime soon. I enjoyed painting these up, didn't take very long either.  Typical of Old Glory figures they always look uninspiring when still bare metal, very rough and ready I think, but paint up remarkably well I'll be using these chaps as part of my British force and use the AW Miniatures as Hurons for the French.

Indian War party
Lead tracker
Indian Warrior
Indian Warrior
Indian tracker
I'm still not that confident when doing the war paint for these guys, suppose more practise is required. I keep checking some of the other painted figures out there and some very inspiring paint jobs there are. Check out some of these on Christopher's blog Link sure you will enjoy these


Phil said...

Very nice! Unusual and colorful, great work!

Rodger said...

Lovely work Scotty!