Friday, 20 April 2012

Wurtemburg artillery

Feels like ages since the last post, but it isn't. I haven't gotten much done this week due to family commitments. I did though manage to complete the artillery for my Wurtemburg Division, hence the division is now complete. As mentioned in an early post the crew have been put together from Prussian artillerists with headswaps and a few spare Wurtemburg infantry I had left over.  I have though a couple of spare commanders which I will paint up as this will allow me to use the division for other rule sets such as Black Powder.

Next up I have ordered some more Bavarians from Outpost, enough to allow me to finish the 1st Division of the 1st Bavarian Corps, not sure if I will do the 2nd division next or start on a French corps.


Rodger said...

Really nice work there Scotty.

sebastosfig said...

the pictures are a bit dark, but they look nice. If you want my advice, a wash on the skin would really enhance them