Saturday, 17 September 2011

Undead Cavalry

I haven't made much progress lately, but did manage to finish 2 more of my undead cavalry. That only leaves 1 more and a mounted vampire to lead them. I am considering adding a flag to one of the lances but still a bit undecided on how I want it to look.

Now apart from my ACW side project which you can follow on my other blog, I'm at a bit of a loose end for what to do next. The options are as follows

1. Greek Hoplites. Got some figures from 1st Corps and Immortal miniatures just sitting in a box. Always had a soft spot for hoplites but undecided which game to base them for. I've got plenty of WAB armies already and fancy something a bit different.

2. Viking Age. I already have some of these done from the Border Reiver show last year, along with a long ship and buildings. With the release of the new SAGA rules I may give these a bit of a dust off.

3. French Indian War. Always fancied gaming this period in 28mm. It lends itself well to small tables, plenty of terrain and some quite colourful troops. The downside is I would be starting from scratch and that means money.

4. Complete my Sci-fi and Undead troops. the difficulty with these is that they lend themselves more to a small side project. Adding a bit f variety to the painting table.

Still I've got plenty of time to decide.


Anonymous said...

Just love the chap with the axe in the head. That has to effect his morale?

Great stuff Scotty.

scotty said...

One of the things I like with the mantic skeletons is the variety of heads you get

Rodger said...

Nice work Scotty as always. My vote would be for Vikings.

Dan said...

Those look great! I'll add another vote for vikings.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Yes indeed- more Vikings!