Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Finally managed to get some troops done for the start of my parliamentarian forces. I'm basing them off the Northern Association under the Fairfax's, support by a brigade of Scots (wanted to paint some Covenanters). First up 2 troops of Horse, Boynton's in front supported by Copley's. Boynton's are all from the Warlord Plastic range, while Copley's are from irregular miniatures, slightly smaller but not noticeably so. I've gone with the common method of giving my Parliamentarian forces Orange sashes while the Royalist will have red.

Next up the first foot regiment, that of Buccleugh. These will be the first of 2 Covenater regiments that I'll be including in my force. The advantage of these is that in the later part of the War they can serve the royalist cause.

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