Tuesday, 15 March 2011

More ECW

First up 3 of my Brigade commanders. The figure on the left is a Redoubt miniature Cuirassier figure, particularly like this figure. The infantry commander are from Warlord and will represent James Lumsden commanding the Brigade of Scottish infantry. The figure on the right is from Trent Miniatures, another nice model.

Next up just a couple of pictures of my completed Royalist Infantry Brigade. The regiments of Rupert's, Percy's, Bard's and Widdrington's.

To further finish of my forces I've purchased a few extra bits and pieces. I've got some TYW commanders and a troop of Cuirassiers from 1st Corps. These are very nice figures, though the horses are slightly smaller than the Warlord plastics which make up the bulk of my horse. I've also added the Warlord Prince Rupert, quite a dynamic pose and cannot wait to get both him and Boye painted up, probably base him up as my Royalist C-in-C. I've also ordered another box of the Warlord plastic infantry, this will give me enough figures for a further 2 parliamentarian infantry regiments.

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Paul´s Bods said...

Impressive looking firing line.