Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Made the trip to the York show at the weekend. It was very busy, a lot busier than I remember it from my last visit a couple of years ago. It did quieten off after lunch which made it easier to get a look at the games. Spent some time catching up with a couple of mates from the Border Reiver club and their VBCW Vickers yard game. A very impressive layout. Typically I forgot my camera so was unable to take any pictures. A couple of other games stood out, the Ilkley lands desert game, the Siege of Antwerp (cannot remember who by) and Mortimer's Cross.

On the purchase front managed to get just about everything I wanted. 2 boxes of the Warlord ECW plastics. Some renegade ECW musketeers, extra artillery for my ACW forces from Peter Pig and most importantly a female Pirate for my daughter, who wanted a toy brought back. All in all a very impressive show and will most certainly return.

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DLI said...

It was busy,I think everyone had the same idea of going early.Great AVBCW display.