Saturday, 19 February 2011

Royalist Troops

Finally finished basing my first units for my Royalist force. I'm going to be using the fast play rules by Clarence from

First up the Kings Regiment in their red coats. These figures are all from Renegade Miniatures. I really like these figures and they are nice to paint up.

Next up Ruperts Blewcoat Regiment. The musketeers are all Perry miniatures, while the Pike are from Essex and the officer is Warlord miniatures. They all mix in well

Lastly a regiment of 2 troops of Royalist horse. These are all Perru Miniatures. The flag is only temporary until I reasearch a particular unit that I want them to represent.

I have now got a box of the plastic warlord Royalist foot, this should give me 2 regiments of 18 figures with a few spares. These 2 regiments will represent some of Newcastle's regiments that he sent to serve on the Oxford army.

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