Monday, 1 November 2010


This weekend I made the trip to the Leeds show Fiasco, it's the first time I have been for about 15 years. Overall the Savilles Hall provided an excellent setting for the show. There was a good selection of traders and I even managed to pick up a few bargains.

First up I managed to obtain 5 buildings from 3 separate traders for the ACW project. Total cost £13.20, not bad for rummaging around in sale boxes. I also purchased a bow of immortal miniatures classical Greeks from the Dave Thomas stand. I'll be able to add these to the First Corps ones I already have, making a nice winter project. The main item I was looking for were some 1/3000th WW2 naval, but nothing hit the mark in that scale, though did consider some 1/600th ancients naval, but managed to resist the urge.

Overall not a bad show, not sure if I would go again, mainly due to travel costs

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