Friday, 8 October 2010

Something different

Now and then I get an urge for Sci-fi or fantasy gaming, saw these fellows and got them off EBay to add my force of Chaos marines. Unfortunately they arrive too late to take part in a club game a few weeks ago where Chaos Marines supported by some treacherous imperial Guardsmen dealt a hammer blow to some Ultra marines and Black Templar's.

I have also purchased a box of the GW plastic bloodletters of Khorne to add to my force. I will post some pictures when I eventually get around to building them.

I will also be making the visit to the Fiasco show in Leeds at the end of the month. I was last there over 10 years ago, I'll have a mooch round and see what I can pick up. I have a couple of items on the shopping list, some 1/2400 naval, probably Brits and some 15mm ACW buildings for my other project.

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