Monday, 9 August 2010

Fury of the Norsemen

Thought I'd post up some pictures of the finished vikings. There are still another 8 awaiting basing which will bring the force up to 68. I also have the last of the Saxon defenders to base to bring them up to 30 including civilians.

First up a couple of pictures of the battleline.

Beserkers ready for action

Vikings doing what they do best


Sigmar said...

Hi Scotty, I notice that you said you're not averse to fantasy gaming.

That being the case you might find a couple of army books on our Warhammer forum interesting. There is one for Norse and another for Albion (I guess the closest Warhammer has to Saxons).

They're unofficial but top quality productions and you can download or view online without becoming a member.

9 Unofficial WFB Army Books (incl Norse and Albion)

Just thought I'd do my bit to for the wargaming world at large.

It's always nice to find a keen gamer / blogger.

my WFB blog

scotty said...

Thanks I'll give them a look. I still play the WFB 3rd edition which has a mercenary list for the Norse.