Saturday, 21 August 2010

Boards pt3

First up a couple of photos of the terrain boards laid out just to ensure they match up correctly and make any necessary adjustments.

Jon and I gave the boards a base coat of chocolate brown mixed with PVA glue and sand, kindly prepared by Harry. I have also given the sea a coat of gloss velvet blue, which as drying seems to be okay, probably need a second coat. I'll add in some white to represent the waves against the coast.

The paths have been marked in ready for its next coat. Through the week Harry will dry brush the boards before giving the designated grass areas a good coat of Woodland green, mixed with PVA and sand. A couple of photos to show progress so far.

I've still got the jetty to do, using a piece from TSS, as well as a footbridge, which I'll construct from balsa.

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