Monday, 16 August 2010

Battle of Blenheim

I was fortunate to be involved in a re fight of the Battle of Blenheim at the weekend. At one time there were as many as 9 players and 2 umpires. Unfortunately for myself and Confederate allies we failed to replicate the feats of Marlborough and Eugene with the Franco Bavarians holding off our attacks on the Saturday. On the Sunday we fought the battle into a second day in game turns and this became a very hard fought slug fest with both armies ruing missed opportunities and finding their armies fought to a standstill.

The rules by Mike are quick and easy to pick up, and the fatigue factors highlight the need to try a preserve your Elite troops for those vital moves in the game. Overall a very enjoyable game, played in the right spirit with a great set of wargamers.

The pictures below don't do justice to the spectacle of the game and the figures painted by Mike and Mick.

The armies arrayed for battle

Confederate cavalry advance on towards Lutzingen in the background.

The English cross the Nebel supported by Imperial Horse
Dutch and Imperial Horse drive back the French

View of the Imperial forces of Eugene

Imperial deployment for Sunday, note the severe lack of infantry after their bloody reverse at Lutzingen.

Dutch horse supported by their English counterparts prepare to engage the French Gendarmerie.

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