Monday, 26 April 2010

Vicus Varus

This past weekend I had the good fortune to run a Fall of the West scenario. It was based on a Roman Column advancing onto the town of Vicus Varus through a wooded sloped valley to relieve a siege from the Goths. Unknown to the Romans the slopes of the valley were filled with approaching Franks and Alemmani. The game played well and hung in the balance with neither side being able to gain an upper hand. Eventually it was a hard fought victory for the Germanic alliance as the Romans were turned back. See the photos below for a flavour of the game.

On the Sunday a large battle was then fought with Romans and Germans on both side (we didn't count the points just the units (85 units + skirmishers)approx 1500 figures) This ended in a hard fought draw.


Jon Whitehouse said...

It was a good weekend mate. I did profer the Saturday game to the Sunday game even thou i took a kicking in the end lol

scotty said...

I think Sundays game had 2 many figures and not enough players to keep it moving smoothly. Some of the turns got very bogged down resulting in some players waiting to make moves