Friday, 18 September 2009

Quick Update

just a quick update on what I have been doing since the last posting. I've started to paint up some War od Spanish Succession Danish troops for my nephew for his birthday. I have managed to paint up 1 battalion with 3 more to do. In the future I hope to add a couple of cavalry squadrons and some artillery to give him a nice small force to join in the games at the club.

Speaking of the club we are currently playing a game of BLB, Imperials against French. I'll post some pics next week if I remember to take the camera. So far the imperial cavalry has had the worst of it against their french opponents (it wasn't very pretty).

On the scenery front I havebeen creating small wooded areas, I find old CD's make perfect bases with a couple of trees cover in polyfilla and sand and once dry coat with some wood varnish and add static grass, pretty pleased with the results so far.


Jon Whitehouse said...

I think it will be my turn on Thursday for my Cavalry to get a pounding.
I have about 6 Grenadiers with the falling bag hat that your nephew can have towards his Danish army.

scotty said...

cheers mate, i currently have about 6 spare myself so that will make up a full battalion for him.