Friday, 31 July 2009

Piedmont/Savoy part 1

Just a few photos of my current project of a Piedmont / Savoy force for the WSS. I will be adding a Prussian Brigade and some Austrians to this force in the form of Imperials. Just the ticket for fighting Jon's French. The units painted so far are as follows; for the infantry - Guardia, Reding, Torino, Saluzzo, Nizza, Savoia (2 battalions), Chablais, Crocebianca, Monferrato and Schulenburg. For the Horse, Piedmont Reale Cavallerie, Savoia Cavallerie, Dragoni SAR and Dragoni Piedmont. I have also a small battery of 3 light guns. On the painting table I have a second battalion of Guardia.

As the main rules I am using are Beneath Lily Banners this gives me a force of 12 Battalions of infantry and 8 Squadrons of Horse.

I have managed a couple of photos showing the force, apologies for the quality of the photos.

The Horse

The Infantry

Artillery and Infantry

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