Sunday, 20 September 2015

Frostgrave Warband

When I attended the Border Reiver show at Gateshead/Newcastle, I picked up the Frostgrave rules and a couple of blisters as part of my show loot. I've seen some reviews across the blogosphere and thought they would prove useful as a quick pick up and play game at the club.

For my blisters I chose the Thaumaturge and apprentice and the tracker with the hound for no other reason in that I liked the models. I did think of purchasing a box of the soldiers but after a few moments thought i was sure I would have enough proxy models in my lead pile that could be drafted in. So here they are, I'm still reading the rules and my warband so far is made up of available figures that i located straight away.

Wizard and Apprentice
Tracker and hound
For a Knight and a Templar I have used 2 men at arms figures from Black tree design. These were left over from my Lion Rampant armies

Templar and knight
Next up is a barbarian, a Gripping Beast special figure from their Age of Arthur release. The other 3 are 2 Musketeer miniatures early Saxons and a foundry early German warrior. They looked particularly suitable as thugs/warriors for the frosty setting.

Barbarian and thugs
The whole Warband together
I've already mad a start on a second warband for some solo games at home. Next up I'll need some scenerypieces as this game needs plenty of it.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Battle at the farm

After painting up my Space Orks a couple of months a go, I had a hankering to get the on the tabletop. So on Thursday night with nothing else arranged we decided to re fight the battle of the Farm from the original Rogue Trader rules. However we decided that a couple of amendments were needed.

Firstly their were 5 of us and 21 orks and 16 marines do not go far. Also in previous attempts at this scenario many years ago, it's a bit of a hard slog for the orks, out in the open with the marines hidden. So it was agreed to increase the forces. We gave the marines an extra five troopers, this allowed Tom to command 2 units and Neil to have the other two squads with the Captain. For the orks we also went with 2 squads per player, but increased their size to 7 figures. This meant we had 21 marines against 43 orks, more than fair I thought.

So the game began with the 3 ork players slowly advancing across the open ground towards the farm before the sound of bolter fire was heard. George saw one of his orks bite the dust, his return fire was rather pathetic.

Orks advance
As my two squads advance we also came under fire losing one ork, however my return fire killed two of the marines forcing them to retire. At this point Tom revealed a second squad of marines armed with a missile launcher. It fired and missed, though his bolter fire did kill another 2 orks. Once more my return fire was effective killing another 2 marines. Over on the right John advanced with his two squads and came under fire from the farm house killing 2 orks and forcing the squad to retire.

Marines open fire
Pressure on the marines
Orks under fire from the farm house
At this point the casualties were beginning to mount on two of the marine squads and eventually one routed from the walls. Taking advantage my 2 squads reach the wall and my Warboss crossed over to kill the 2 marines. At this point the Marine captain charged out of cover and with a blow of his powerfist slew my War boss. It a fit of revenge my 2 squads opened fire and slew the Marine captain before crossing the barrier looking for easier foe. Unfortunately the marines has other ideas as a 4Th squad emerged and destroyed one of my squads and routed the other.

Orks at the walls
Clash of titans
Last stand
With both sides trading fire the remaining marines fell back to the farm house, where despite the best efforts of the orks they grimly held on. At nights end 3 marines still remained holed up. Overall a very enjoyable game and stayed in the balance right until the end.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Franco Prussian War progress part 2

With the big game edging ever closer and utilising some time off work I have continued to paint up my forces, concentrating on finishing the Bavarian I Corps. First up is 1 of the 2 units of Jagers that I require for the second division, the other is just awaiting to be based up. As usual the figures are all from Outpost.

1st Jager battalion
Next is 3 more batteries of guns for the Corps. This brings me up to 7 batteries for the Bavarians (think my French might need more guns). Also the Divisional Commander can be seen hiding behind them.

I Corps artillery
I have also painted up enough figures to represent 2 battalions of the 13th infantry regiment as well as some prone markers, enough for 1 to each regiment. Thankfully Dave has passed on some spare figures that will allow me to bring these and the 10th up to 3 battalion strength.

13th Infantry regiment
Prone markers
As mentioned in an earlier post Mick provided me with a rather large bundle of cavalry figures, enough for me to put together enough regiments for a Prussian Cavalry brigade. I have increased the strength of the 2 cuirassier regiments and have now added a regiment of hussars.

Prussian Hussars
With some left over figures I have added an artillery battery and used a spare Cuirassier officer painted up to look like a Prussian Divisional commander. He will suffice for now. The flags for the Cuirassiers are purely conjectural as not much information is available for them.

Artillery battery and Officer
Prussian Cavalry Division
For a project that has stalled for the last couple of years I am rather proud that I have finally finished this Corps. So much so I am already thinking of adding a Prussian or Baden infantry Division and a second French Corps, possibly the 12th as it contains a division of marines.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Franco Prussian War progress

I have been preparing the map for the Battle of Froschwiller to fit hexes. We will be doing the re-fight as a what if scenario. MacMahon had originally planned for the battle to take place on the 8th August 1870 but kicked off a day early when the Bavarian II Corps brought on a full engagement after skirmishing with the French I Corps. What this will allow though is much ,ore troops on the board.

The French will be able to field 3 full Corps,  historically I, V and VII. We will have to use I,II and III as that is the figures we have. this gives us 10 infantry divisions and 3 cavalry divisions. We will also have the use of the Imperial Guard in reserve, another 2 infantry and a cavalry division.

For the Prussians we will be able to field the Bavarian I and II corps, Prussian V and XI Corps and XIV made up of Wurtemburg and Baden troops. However we will be substituting one of the Prussian Corps for a Saxon Corps as Mick has painted them up ready for their first action. Also the Baden division for XIV will have to be replaced with a Prussian infantry and cavalry division. That will give us 10 infantry divisions and 3 cavalry divisions.

So onto my progress, 2 more infantry regiments and some Chasseurs for the 2nd division of Bavarian I Corps. Both of these regiments are at full strength of 3 battalions. With the Chasseurs their are 2 regiments which I have brigaded together to a 4 stand unit.

Bavarian additions
Bavarian infantry
I have sent off another order to Outpost for the additional infantry I require for the last regiment and the 2 Jager regiments that I need. I will also need to add 3 artillery pieces for the Corps as well as a Prussian piece for my cavalry division. Now just need to paint up those pesky Prussian hussars.

Bavarian I Corps, 2nd Division in the foreground
Bavarian I Corps, 1st Division  in foreground
I have also updated the pictures on my FPW page for the French III Corps

Monday, 27 July 2015

Rogue Trader Orks

When I was a youngster me and my friends really got into Rogue Trader, or 40k as it is now known. We didn't collect to force lists, just whatever took I fancy. I picked up a mix of marines (long since gone), space pirates and Orks. Most of our games used to old judge Dredd city block floor tiles and much fun was had, Now it was time for my Orks to see the light of day. The bulk of these were painted in the 80's and not very well. I was still experimenting with colours and learning how to paint. I decided I would give them all a fresh lick of paint, no re painting, just touch up the chips then added some washes and highlights. The bases also need re doing. The handful unpainted figures were also given a lick of paint to match them in with the rest of the figures.

First up is the 17 figures from the Space Ork Raiders boxed set, already got me thinking of re-fighting the Battle of the Farm scenario in the back of the rulebook.

Space Ork Raiders
Space Ork Raiders
Next up is some of the support weapons as well as the troopers that I picked up from blister packs (the days they were affordable). There is also a dreadnought. Please excuse some of the colour schemes like the Ork troopers with Pink trousers.

Weapon teams
Ork troopers
Ork Dredd
The whole force
I've really enjoyed working on these as they brought back fond memories. I still have another 5 troopers to finish as well as an Ork buggy. I find these figures are much more characterful than the current plastics that are produced these days for Orks. Well better get back to my Bavarians

Friday, 24 July 2015

Gearing up for War, The Franco Prussian War

I didn't realise that it has been over a month since my last post. Must admit work has been hectic but I have still managed to get some painting done, namely for the Franco Prussian War. These will all be required for the big game in the Autumn. So first up is the 71st line regiment and a Mitrilluese that will finish Mettman's division as part of French III Corps.

71st Line Regiment
71st Line Regiment
The figures are all from Outpost Wargames, also have to thank them as they posted out a Mitrilliauese barrel after I lost the original. Next up is the start of My Bavarian infantry to finish off the Bavarian I Corps.

Bavarian 3rd infantry regiment
Bavarian 3rd infantry regiment
These guys like the French are also from Outpost. I've already got a second regiment nearly finished as well as the other two undercoated. However i made a miscalculation in my order and was an infantry pack short for the last Jager regiment I will need.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Back to the Franco Prussian War

After what seems like an age I decided to make some more headway on my Franco Prussian stuff. With a big game up at Micks in the Autumn I really need to crack on. Late last year Mick gave me a bagful of mounted figures so I decided to have a sort through. There should be enough for 3 regiments of Prussian Cuirassiers and a hussar regiment. There were also enough figures for the Bavarian Cuirassiers that I need for the Bavarian I Corps.

So with Dave making steady progress on the French guard here I needed to get my skates on. First up was 2 of the Prussian Cuirassier regiments. The figures are all from Essex miniatures, very nice apart from the annoying bases which are much to fine in my humble opinion. Not sure when I will get to field these as I don't have any plans yet to add Prussian infantry divisions.

Prussian Cuirassiers
Prussian Cuirassiers
Next up i made a start on the Bavarian Cuirassiers. I will need these for the game at Micks as I committed to providing a full Corps of Bavarians. I currently have the 1st Division done, and these guys are part of the 2nd division.

Bavarian Cuirassiers
Bavarian Cuirassiers
Going through my research material for the 2nd division I will need 4 infantry regiments at 1 battalion each (or 6 stands each), 2 small Chasseur regiments (2 stands each) and 2 Jager battalions (4 stands each). After that 3 artillery pieces will be needed to be attached to the Corps. Should be manageable for the Autumn, though need to purchase them first.