Saturday, 21 January 2017

WSS / GNW Danes and Russians

I finally completed my first mounted regiment for the Danes, the Wurtemburg-Oels dragoon regiment. The mountef figures for this regiment are all from Dixons and the flag from Maverick Models. I also completed 2 stands of dismounted dragoons from Essex miniatures.

Wurtemburg-Oels dragoons 
Wurtemburg-Oels dragoons
Dismounted troopers
I've also decided to add a small cavalry brigade to my Russian Auxiliary Corps, not that they fielded any but more for club games. The first regiment is A. Kropotov Horse Grenadier regiment. I think the blue vat has turned out too dark. I'll be adding a second horse grenadier regiment and a regiment of dragoons to the brigade. Only because that is the figures that I have available.

A. Kropotov Horse Grenadier 
A. Kropotov Horse Grenadier 
The figures for this regiment are Roundway with the exception of the Cornet which is a spare Dixon figure. The troopers were kindly passed on to me from Mick.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

WSS / GNW Danes IV

It's been a bit of a slow start to this year, these figures were started before Christmas but real life got in the way. So here they finally are, 2 battalions from the Prince Karl regiment. The figures for these are all from Roundway. Quite enjoyed painting them when I finally got around to it. The flag is from Maverick Models.

Prince Karl regiment
Prince Karl regiment 
I also added 2 more Brigadiers to the army. These are from the excellent Bluemoon range. The one in the yellow coat is to specifically lead the Guards.

I've also put in an order with Donington miniatures for some additional Polish cavalry. Should have enough for 2 regiments of hussars, a regiment of Pancerni and Dragoons. I'm also looking forward to the York show where I hope to pick up some additional Danish cavalry.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016 Review

First off I'd just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope 2017 is a good one. I would like to thank every one who follows the blog and for their comments, much appreciated. Now as is obligatory these days I thought I'd review my progress for 2016. At the start of the year this was my aim

"For 2016 I don't  have any firm goals yet. I would like to finish my WSS and FPW collections but after that a bit of a loose end. No doubt something shine will catch my eye".

Can't believe I left it that open. However it did leave a bit of freedom this year. Things kicked off in February after the York show when I committed to the AWI in 28mm. Managed to get a fair bit done and a useable force for club games. I do have some more militia to paint up to add to the Continentals.

Next up was a quick return to my 15mm ACW collection. This was inspired by a refight of the battle of Fredericksburg and the need for some extra brigades and Artillery. All that I have left in the unpainted pile is a handful of reb cavalry.

The rest of the year has been spent on the Great Northern War. Initially inspired by an ongoing campaign with Mick and the need for extra troops saw this spiral into my main project. After over 20 years I finally finished the Saxons, even adding in the Russian Auxiliary Corps,  Polish cavalry and finally the Swedes. 2017 should see the addition of more Swedes as well as the Danes and extra Polish cavalry. This period also encouraged me to adapt the current he's based rules I use for the horse and musket period. So far so good and even resulted in a re fight of Klissow.

On the painting front it has been rather productive, approx 1000 figures completed.


15mm Artillery - 24
15mm Foot figures - 498
15mm Mounted figures - 230
28mm Artillery -2
28mm Foot figures - 224
28mm Mounted figures - 8

2017 will see the continuation of the WSS campaign against Mick. We are currently 3 games in. No doubt it will also help with the enthusiasm to paint the figures for both the GNW and WSS. I do have a hankering to paint up a few individual figures for games like Rogue Stars and Frostgrave, more for variety and my sanity.

Thursday, 22 December 2016


Despite progress slowing due to the festive period I finally managed to complete another 2 battalions of Danish infantry. These represent the Grenaderkorps. A rather striking regiment in their red coats compared to the various greys of most of the regiments. The figures are all from the Dixon range, flags from Maverick Models.

This brings the strength of my Danish infantry up to 8 battalions. I've got enough figures to complete a further 6 battalions and then I can start to add some horse regiments.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Battle of Klissow part 2.

With the Swedish infantry advancing on both flanks,  the Saxon Artillery began to find its mark, especially against the Swedish left.

Swedish Guard infantry lead the attack
Eventually the Swedish guards crossed the stream and hit the Saxon line, sending one of the guard battalions back in disorder. There then ensued a protracted fight between the Swedish and Saxon infantry. The Swedes had the better of the early exchanges but the Saxons led by their guards managed to steady the line.

Infantry melee
With the Saxon right wing also under severe pressure and their cavalry scattered saw the Saxon left wing detach 6 squadrons to try and support it.

Saxon cavalry move off to support the right wing
Overview of the battlefield
At this point the Saxons had managed to shore up both of their threatened wings. THe Swedish infantry were also looking very worn due to their exertions. At this point we called it a day. Neither side was in any position to force a result without a risk to losing their army.

I was happy with how the rules held up for their first major engagement. Mick in particular found they had reflected the fighting style of the Swedes. I need to make some minor adjustments to cavalry against pike armed infantry as this was one area which just didn't feel quite right.

The Battle of Klissow part 1.

On Tuesday I had the good fortune to pop up to Micks to re fight the battle of Klissow, fought in 1702 during the Great Northern War. It pitted the Swedes under Charles XII against Augustus Elector of Saxony and King of Poland.

It was a chance for Mick to try out the rule modifications that I had made to the basic rules. We agreed not to field the Poles as I am still working on these and they made little impact on the day. For army lists we use those as described in the Nafziger lists.

Saxon battle line
Swedish battle line
The game began with the Swedes advancing against the Saxon line. The 2 wings of Saxon cavalry responded and moved to counter the Swedish attack.

Saxon left wing cavalry 
Saxon right wing
The Saxon first line of cavalry on the left wing crossed  the stream and engaged the Swedish Horse. The extra quality of the Swedish Horse drove back the first line. A stale mate ensued with the Saxon 2nd line unwilling to cross the stream and the Swedes waiting their infantry as they had insufficient strength to engage the Saxon cavalry.

Cavalry clash
Over on the Saxon right wing, the cavalry advanced against the Swedish Horse.  The first line got very badly mauled and fled before the enemy. The second line tried to stem the tide but we're also overwhelmed.

Saxon cavalry advance
Fleeing Saxon cavalry
The second line commits itself 
Now the Swedish infantry began to arrive on the flanks of the Saxon infantry line. Taking advantage of the success of their cavalry.

Swedish infantry

Sunday, 4 December 2016


I finally managed to get these 2 battalions finished for my Danes. They are to represent the Sjaellandske regiment. The figures are a mix of Warrior and Dixon. The flags are from Maverick Models. I also added a mounted Brigadier from Bluemoon.

Sjaellandske regiment 
Sjaellandske regiment 
I've now got 2 battalions for the Grenaderkorps on the painting table, however I seem to be struggling to find the energy to complete them. Might need to paint something in a different scale and period.