Sunday, 22 May 2016

Battle of Fredericksburg

I have the good fortune of being invited up to Micks for a re fight of the Battle of Fredericksburg. It was fought December 11 - 15 1862 between Lee's Army of Virginia and the union forces of the Army of the Potomac under Burnside. However Mick has asked a couple of us to supply some of the troops as this is a rather larger battle. I have been asked to provide rebels for Jackson II corps and union troops for Reynolds I Corps and Smiths VI Corps. So it was on to sorting through my collection to see what I had. The brigades for this battle are much larger than those for Gettysburg, but I didn't think that would be a problem. Imagine my shock when I realised I am short of figures. I need figures for 2 rebel brigades or 19 stands and 1 union brigade of 9 stands. I need to make an order and quick as I have limited time to paint them up. My figures of choice would normally be Peter Pig, however for delivery time you cannot beat warrior miniatures, so order made, confirmation received they will be dispatched by Tuesday. Hopefully the figures should arrive by the weekend which gives me 2 weeks to get them done....sorted I think

Monday, 11 April 2016

AWI 3rd Virginia Continentals

I'm making more progress on my AWI project. This time I've completed the 3rd Virginia Continental regiment. I picked these as I liked the idea of pale blue coats and dark blue turnbacks. Not sure if I got the pale blue right but I'm happy with them. The figures are a mix of Perry plastics and Some spare Foundry figures I picked up from EBAY. The flag is from Maverick Models.

3rd Virginia 
3rd Virginia 
To add a little fire power to try and hold up the British assaults I have added a second Artillery piece. This time a 3lb gun from Perry's.

3lb gun
3lb gun
Next time I will need to concentrate on adding some more militia and riflemen to the force. I have been looking at the Warlord Plastic boxed set, but want to see them in the flesh before i make a purchase. Luckily Tom has picked up a set so hopefully I can check them out on Thursday.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

AWI artillery

Just remembered I hadn't posted about this. I eventually got around to painting up an Artillery piece for my American forces. I chose the 6lb piece from Perry's as it features in the majority of the scenarios from the rulebook.

6lb Artillery 
6lb Artillery 
I chose buff for the turnbuckles on the crew instead of the more common red. However I will revert to red when I get around to painting up the 3lb piece I've ordered.

Monday, 4 April 2016

AWI Kings New York Regiment

To add to my loyalists, I decided to paint up the Kings New York Regiment. I opted to go with red coats with blue facings. The figures are all from the Perry plastics. The flags were picked up from Maverick Models.

Kings New York Regiment 
Kings New York Regiment 
Kings New York Regiment 
I've also got enough plastic figures left to put together another Loyalist regime,  likely North Carolina. I can also put together a 3rd Base for my British Legion infantry to bring them up to full strength. After these it will be back to the rebels. I've another Continental regiment to complete as well as a 3lb Artillery piece and some mounted state troopers. All that will be left is to pick up some more militia.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Making trees

In one of those moments of madness, I decided to have a go at making a few trees. Since the downsizing of the club, these are the one item of terrain we are lacking, particularly for 25/28mm games. So a quick gig around in my useful terrain box I located a couple of barbecue skewers, some left over florist wire and a half empty bag of clump foliage.

First off I cut the skewers to a suitable length and then twisted various lengths of florist wire around it to look like suitable branches. I then glued everything in place and attached it to a small mdf Base and left for about an hour to dry.

Basic tree frame
Once the glue had dried I gave the whole thing a quick paint using a suitable dark brown. Once again left for an hour to dry. Then taking the clump foliage I glued suitable amounts to the branches, somehow sticking more to my own fingers. You can then add more or less foliage to meet your own tastes. Once finished it was a simple matter of basing the finished models.

2 finished trees
Trees with 28mm figure for scale 
Not to bad for about 20 minutes work not counting drying time per tree. I've now built 3 and ordered some more florist wire as I now want to build a few more.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

AWI 2nd Virginia

Adding to my American forces I present the 2nd Virginia Continental regiment. The majority of the figures are metal Perry's in short sleeves. The command is from the plastic sprue as well a a single Foundry officer. The flag once again is from Maverick Models.

2nd Virginia 
2nd Virginia 
2nd Virginia 
I have also painted up a much needed Artillery piece but I'm awaiting an order of bases from Warbases to finish the model off. I've also had a go at making my own trees which I'll try and post tomorrow.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

AWI Battle report

A bit delayed, but here is a write up of our club game last week using Black Powder. Tom took control of the British, he had 4 line regiments, 2 small units of light infantry and a 6lb Artillery piece. He organised is force into 2 brigades. George took command of a small brigade of loyalists of 2 small infantry regiments and a small unit of cavalry.

I took command of the Americans tasks with controlling a small village and a hilltop with a small redoubt on it. I had available 6 regiments of Continentals, 2 small militia units and 2 tiny units of riflemen. Splitting into 3 brigades, 1 defended the village, 1 the redoubt and 3rd brigade held in reserve. My lack of Artillery was to prove the Americans undoing.

American position
The game began with a rapid advance of the British while the Americans held position. There was minor skirmishing between some riflemen and the British light infantry. Then Emmericks Chasseurs blundered and charged into the wood occupied by the riflemen. It took a few rounds of combat before they managed to dislodge them.

Riflemen and light infantry skirmish
Chasseurs engage the riflemen 
Over on the British right flank, the 1st brigade began to exchange fire with American militia while their Artillery got itself into position and began firing at the 15th Virginia holding the village. The disorder in effect of the fire allowed the 2nd British brigade to advance and engage the village. Eventually the 15th capitulated and fled the field.

Militia come under fire
15th Virginia under fire
The British began their assault 
At this point I brought forward the reserve brigade to try and plug the game. Then the militia fell back under pressure from the British light infantry. The British infantry began to flood into the village while the loyalists began to attempt to outflank the redoubt.

American reserve committed 
British advance
American redoubt
The attempt by the loyalists to outflank the redoubt met with disaster as the 3rd Maryland about faced and poured a devastating volley into the cavalry, routing them from the field. The British legion met with better success storming the redoubt and forcing the militia unit back. Meanwhile the British infantry assaulted the 2nd South Carolina, unfortunately the Americans  were no match for the cold steel of a bayonet charge and we're quickly routed. With the Artillery now concentrating against the redoubt and with 2 broken American brigades we ended the game with a solid British victory.

Give them cold steel
Overall a very enjoyable game. The lack of Artillery hindered the Americans with the British able to inflict casualties at range before their infantry closed to the assault. The majority of my Continentals performed poorly on the day.