Monday, 22 August 2016

GNW Swedes and Poles

After painting up more of my Saxon troops, thoughts turned to their opponents and allies. I have already got a small force of Swedes and decided it was time to finish this army. It will only be a small army of 10 battalions and approx 20 squadrons of horse and dragoons. I did make a start on these a long time ago with half of the troops finished. So I decided to add another finished battalion, this time from the Halsigne regiment, mainly because I like the flag.

Halsigne regiment
Halsigne regiment charging
Like the rest of my Swedish infantry I have tried to mix the headgear for variety and a campaign look. The figures are all from the excellent Dixon Miniatures range.

Like the Swedes I also have a small force of Poles that need to completed. They generally played a minor role in the Great Northern War, but they do add colour. I've added another 3 squadrons of Pancerni to the force, bringing them up to 12. Will need a fair few more if I ever want to refight Klissow.

The figures I used are from Essex, very nice sculpts but do suffer from the small Base syndrome. Next it will be back up more Swedes and some Saxon dragoons.

Saturday, 20 August 2016


I've continued to make some more progress on my Saxon forces. First up is 3 squadrons of the a. d. Winckel Cuirassier regiment. They were formerly known as Tiessenhausen, then Gersdorff from 1704. They became a. d. Winckel in 1706. The regiment took part in the Poland campaign from 1703, seeing action at Pultusk in 1703, Posen in 1704 and Kalisz in 1706. It was then in the pay of the maritime  Powers from 1707 and returned to Saxon service in 1713.

a. d. Winckel Cuirassiers
a. d. Winckel Cuirassiers
The figures for this unit sees a return to Dixon Miniatures. I much preferred painting these to the Essex figures.  I do have a flag to add once I purchase some more steel wire for the flag poles.
I have also made a couple of additions to the infantry with 2 battalions from the Seiffertitz regiment. These were  raised from Militia in 1705 and were part of the Auxiliary Corps in Austrian service from 1705 - 1707. They were then broken up in 1707. I chose these as they are not in the usual red coats but grey with red cuffs. Makes them stand out in the army.

Seiffertitz regiment
Seiffertitz regiment
The figures for these 2 battalions are from Warrior with the command figures from Dixon. I was unable to locate any flag details for this regiment so have equipped them with the white Colonel colours which I picked up from maverick models.

By my reckoning I now have 27 Saxon infantry battalions, 18 squadrons of Dragoons, 24 squadrons of Cuirassiers and the 9 Squadrons of Household cavalry. I can support these with 3 Ansbach infantry battalions and 3 squadrons of dragoons. When I check against the OOB for Klissow I'm still about 20 squadrons short, particularly Cuirassiers.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Progress has continued with my additional Saxon cavalry. I chose the Brandenburg-Bayreuth Dragoon regiment. It was part of the Auxiliary Corps on Austrian service from 1703 to 1704. It then took part in the Poland Campaigns from 1704. It saw action at the battles of Posen, Punitz, Fraustadt and Gadebusch before being broken up in 1717.

Brandenburg-Bayreuth dragoons
Brandenburg-Bayreuth dragoons
Brandenburg-Bayreuth dragoons 
I painted this unit in 2 chunks of 9 figures each. I find if I paint much more than that in one go it takes me longer. The figures are all from the Warrior Miniatures range. I now have another 6 squadrons of dragoons and 3 squadrons of Cuirassiers to finish for my Saxons. After this there are a couple of infantry battalions to complete, then a repaint of the Artillery as I've since discovered the carriages were black not brown as I've painted them.

Sunday, 7 August 2016


Following on from my last post, I have made some progress on the extra mounted troops that I will require. I have also started to think of the possibilites on a re-fight of the battle of Klissow. Should have more than enough infantry, but will give me focus on completing more horse regiments.

The first regiment is 3 squadrons from the Ansbach Schmettau Dragoons. These guys entered Saxon service in 1713 before returning to Ansbach in 1717. They did fight at the battle of Prosna in 1716. I chose these as the white coats are a bit different from the red of the rest of the regiments.

Ansbach Schmettau Dragoons
Ansbach Schmettau Dragoons
The figures are all from Warrior Miniatures. I have ordered some more figures as I am thinking of increasing these to their full strength of 6 squadrons. The next regiment I have completed is some Cuirassiers. These will represent the Prinz Alexander regiment, previously Flemming. They operated in the Poland campaign from 1703 - 1706, fighting at the battles of Kalisz, Gadebusch and Sandomir. I have depicted the unit in their buff koller, which was worn under the Cuirass. It wasn't until 1707 that the red coat was officially adopted by the Cuirassier regiments, though this may just have confirmed what was being worn in practice. However the buff Koller was in use in campaign throughout Augustus's reign.

Prinz Alexander Cuirassiers
Prinz Alexander Cuirassiers
The figures for this regiment are all from Essex miniatures. I thought I'd give them a go as they are slightly cheaper then the Dixon cavalry I would normally use. They did paint up well, even though the troopers are single casting. My one gripe is the bases were so small and uneven I spent more time trying to get them level than what I did painting. Would I purchase more, probably.

Last up are some extra Brigadiers I have painted up. These though are not Saxons. One will be added to my Imperialist troops while the 2 Blue coated officers will be added to my GNW Swedes.

The 2 Swedish brigadiers are from Roundway, while the Imperialist is  a Mini-figs Cuirassier officer mounted on an Irregular miniatures horse.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

WSS/GNW Saxons

After fighting the second game of my campaign against Mick. My thoughts turned to refitting my 3 armies from the victory points that I've accrued so far. One thing that became apparent is that I may be short of troops. So I decided to return to my Saxons and begin adding some more units. First up is the Wostromirsky infantry regiment of 2 battalions. The figures are a mix of Warrior and Dixon.

Wostromirsky Regiment
Wostromirsky Regiment 
The regiment was part of the Auxiliary Corps in Austrian service 1702 - 1704, before returning to fight in the Poland campaign at Posen and Punitz. It also fought in the disastrous battle of Fraustadt in 1706. The regiment then went into the pay of the Maritime powers between 1707 - 1713. One of the advantages of the Saxons is that they fought in both theatres.

I'm also looking to expand the mounted arm with the Ansbach Schmetau dragoon regiment. I've also rdered some extra Cuirassiers from Essex and Dixon, which should give me another 12 squadrons. Enough to keep me painting for awhile.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

I'm still here

I hadn't realised that it's been over a month since my last post. This has nothing to do with not painting or gaming,  just finding a lack of any time to sort out some posts. So just to prove I have been doing something, a few pictures of some current projects.

First up is some extra command stands for my WSS collection. I found I was still a few bases short to represent higher ranking officers. These are a mix of Minifigs and Roundway.

WSS Commanders
These guys will come in useful this weekend as I will be at Micks for the second game of our WSS campaign.

After reading a number of excellent reviews go the 'To the strongest' rules I made the purchase. I was in a dilemma as I have a very large collection of 28mm figures but couldn't face rebasing them. Instead I decided to rebase my small 15mm DBA armies. I've also made a few purchases to bulk these out. First up are dome additional Greek skirmishers and auxiliary from Essex miniatures.

Greek skirmishers
I've used 80x40mm bases for all of the troops. This way I can adapt the rules to fit my hex mat. My Greek collection so far. I still need to add some static grass to the bases.

Greek Hoplites
Greek Hoplites 
I have also been rebasing my other 15mm ancient figures from Macedonians, Bactrians, Hellenistic Greek and Indians. These will need to be added to to make viable armies.

The rest
Well back to painting and basing.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Battle of Fredericksburg the refight

Over the weekend I finally got up to Micks fir the refight. Myself and Dave were given the command of the Union forces while Mick and Tom took the Confederates. As C in C, Dave decided that he would demonstrate in front of the stonewall on ST. Marys heights, while I would detach a Corps yo try and hold Jacksons Corps while using the others to storm the Confederate positions. It was going to be a blood bath and so it proved.

Early doors Dave managed to get some union guns into Fredericksburg and concentrated on counter battery fire. This proved very effective, knocking out 3 guns early on.

Union troops in Fredericksburg 
Jacksons Corps in the wooded hill
My advance began very slowly. With only 2 pontoons I was struggling to cross the river. Dave also tried to cross with another Corps, but with only 1 pontoon he also struggled. Mick decided to take advantage of the situation and committed a division to try and push the union troops back. After a couple of rounds of heavy fighting his assault was checked with heavy losses. He was to rue these losses later in the game.

Eventually on my flank, my first Division faced off against Jackson trading Artillery fire at range. Meanwhile my first 2 Corps gnarly got across and organised ready for my assault.

Union troops advance
Rebel counter attack
Union troops push on
With my troops in position we began to advance into some murderous Artillery fire. Still we advanced as Artillery then hit the flanks causing yet more casualties. But still my brave lads continued. I also managed to get more Artillery of my own into position and began to silence the Confederate guns. Eventually we reached the heights and I threw them in only to be bloody repulsed. Tom and Myself then began trading assaults as I struggled to get up onto the heights. However I was drawing in the Confederate reserves from Jacksons Corps.

Onward we go
Jacksons position
Bloody conflict
Struggle for the hieghts
Over on the Union right, Dave realised that with thinning Confederate reserves he could begin a major assault against the wall. It took some bitter and protracted assaults to finally break the Confederate position and get over the wall. At this point Mick Bemoaned the loss of his division from the early counterattack. With pressure beginning to build all across the Rebel line, cracks were beginning to show. But time and again they threw back our assaults. Now though our numbers finally began to tell as first Longstreets Corps began to fall back, while A number of Jacksons divisions were fought out. It was pretty much the same on the union side with a large number of divisions out of action.

Union troops assault the wall
Union troops finally get across
The battle lines
Jackson counterattacks 
Battered reb brigades await the next assault
Union troops continue to push on.
Well after approximately 12 hours of gaming we finally called it a day. Longstreets Corps had been pushed back and Jackson was fought out. The union troops had finally gained the hieghts above Fredericksburg. While on the left another assault would probably have broken through the Confederate defence. All in all a great and hard fought game, very enjoyable. More pictures here Fredericksburg Pictures