Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Lion Rampant IX

To face the mounted men at arms i completed for Sir Henry Bodrum's retinue I decided to push on and finish a unit for his opposite number Sir Robert de Groucey.  As for the first unit I completed, I went for a mix of Knights and men at arms, all figures are from the Fire forge range.

Sir Robert and Retinue
Sir Robert de Groucey
For Sir Robert i added a couple of shield transfers from the old Bretonnian range, then painted over them as they were white and wanted them in yellow to match his colour scheme.

For the standard bearer I utilised a paint package and some clip art to produce something relevant. I didn't like how the yellow turned out so have given it a rough re paint, which I think looks better. Still not 100% happy with the flag and may change it.

Standard bearer
Men at arms
These guys have now finished off the retinue for Sir Robert. I have now turned my attention to completing some more  mounted men at arms for Prince Williams retinue as well as prepping figures for the Fitzwalters

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Lion Rampant - Parley and treachery part 1

On Thursday night at the club we managed to start up a second game to follow on from the first. This time there were 4 players but the rules seemed to handle that with no issues.

The scenario sees the Prince William and Sir Henry Bodrum trying to arrange a Parley with Sir Robert de Groucey after their last clash. Sir Robert though has no intention to parley and stalls for time as treachery is afoot. Sir Robert's primary objective is to bring down Sir Henry and thus reduce the number of supporters for the Prince.

The Forces - rebels

Sir Robert de Groucey
Foot Men at arms*
Foot Sergeants
Yeoman with mixed weapons

Richard and Malcolm Fitzwalter
Mounted Sergeants*
Mounted Sergeants

The Forces - Royalists

Prince William
Foot men at Arms*
Expert Foot sergeants

Sir Henry Bodrum
Mounted Men at arms*
Foot Men at arms
Foot sergeants

Sir Henry's retinue deployed
Sir Robert and retinue approaches
As per the last game we allowed both sides to dice for each unit to move to speed up the game and get down to business.

Sir Robert advances
While Sir Robert and his men advanced towards their enemy, both Sir Henry and Prince William seemed to struggle to get their retinues moving, maybe they sensed the treachery in the air. After much cajoling Sir Henry finally began to advance. His foot men at arms advance through the centre of the town with their mounted counterparts slowly bringing up the rear. Both the archers and sergeants skirted the town to the right.

Men at arms advance through the town
Sir Henry's retinue starts to advance
The Prince begins to advance
Just as Sir Henry's archers got into position at the edge of the town they opened fire on the advancing sergeants, killing two and forcing the rest to retreat. On the left the Prince's archers also got into position and loosed a volley at the advancing Yeoman, killing two and forcing them to retreat as well. At this point things were not looking too well for Sir Robert, two of his units were battered and the crossbowmen were refusing to advance.

Archers in position
At this point Sir Roberts' treachery was revealed as the mercenaries Richard and Malcolm Fitzwalter arrived in the rear of the Royalists position. Gearing themselves up a unit of mounted sergeants charged into the rear of Sir Henry and hi mounted men at arms. However the doughty Knight rallied his men for a counter charge, killing 4 for the loss of 3 of his men at arms. He quickly re engaged and felled the last of them but now found himself isolated. The Fitzwalter's then took advantage and charged in with their second unit of mounted sergeants. Despite his valiant efforts Sir Henry was knocked from his horse.

The clash of horse
Sir Henry is felled
Trying to take advantage of the arrival of the Fitzwalters, Sir Robert quickly advanced into the town at the head of his men at arms. There they were met by Sir Henry's foot men at arms and a bloody melee ensued over a couple of turns with neither side gaining an advantage. Seeing his chance Prince William advanced with his own men at arms to try and cut sir Robert off from the rest of his retinue.

Brutal street fight
The Prince advances
Eventually the rest of Sir Roberts retinue began to advance, obviously inspired by his bravery. This included the crossbowmen who eventually exchanged fir with Sir Henry's archers, forcing them to retreat. Meanwhile the Bidowers and archers belonging to the Fitzwalters slowly moved into position.

Sir Roberts troops rally and advance
Sir Henry's archers fall back
Sergeants advance to support the archers
Rebel archers move into position
Current positions
As time ran out things are not looking good for Sir Henry's retinue. After taking a bump on the head the rest of his retinue are having a hard time of it. However the Prince's retinue is still largely intact. For Sir Robert things have improved after a shaky start, though casualties are mounting and if it wasn't for the timely arrival of the sell sword  Fitzwalters it could be worse. Next week will be the conclusion

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Lion Rampant VIII

Well after making the purchases at the Vapnartak show in York, I thought it was time to put together some mounted men at arms. I've decided to mix the sergeants and Templar's into the same units. This way each unit looks like the Lord and his personal retainers and trusted men at arms. As we know all knights are men at arms, but men at arms are not necessarily knights.

The first unit i have done is to represent Sir Henry Bodrum in my own fantasy game setting. I have to admit I really enjoyed putting these together and even got them 90% complete in one night. Just had to wait for the ink to dry to finish off highlights and such.

Sir Henry and men at arms
Sir Henry and men at arms
Sir Henry Bodrum
knight 1
knight 2
knight 3
men at arms
I have used a few left over Bretonnian shield transfer to add a little variety to the shields. The flag was put together from a paint package and some clip art. I will go over the green checks again with paint to add a little highlight.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Lion Rampant VII

I've been continuing to add to my retinues by painting up the stock of GW Bretonnian archers i had managed to acquire. First up is 6 archers for Sir Henry Bodrums retinue, bringing them up to full strength of 12 figures (the first 6 were used as Bidowers in the last game)

I have also made a start on another unit of archers. This time there is no uniform to them. I just went for a mix of greys, browns and greens. This way I can use them as Bidowers for various retinues or combine them into archer units for an outlaw faction. Here are the first 6, the next batch are just awaiting basing.

Archers / bidowers
To help the games run a little smoother I have also begun putting together some unit cards. I hope these will help the games run a little quicker and less referrals back to the book for stat lines.

The rest of them are available here. I will be adding more as I get the various units painted up.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Lion Rampant VI

After Thursdays game I decided to get to work and paint up some more figures for my retinues. First up was a unit of Archers for Prince William. These figures are all the old GW Bretonnian archers, sculpted by the Perries I believe. I went for a basic colour scheme of plain red tunics, no fancy quartering and such like. I wanted them to be professional soldiers in the service of their Prince.

I have also completed another 6 archers for Sir Henry's retinue as I will add them to the 6 already completed and field them as an archer unit instead of Bidowers. Once I have finished the bases I will post up some pictures.

Now after our first game the idea came to make some sort of markers to represent units when they become battered. We had used dice but this didn't feel right and often the dice were picked up to roll in following combats. After trawling through the forums I came across this I just had to make my own. I quickly sourced some spare bases and battlefield clutter and set to work.

Basic counters undercoated
A quick paint job later
Basing added
Finished counters
Excluding drying times these took about 10 minutes work each, well worth the effort so I have started on 4 more. I think 10 markers should be enough for most 2 player games.

Today I also had the pleasure top visit York for the Vapnartak show to pick up some more goodies for this project. I bought a box of Teutonic knights and mounted sergeants from the Dave Thomas stand. I also got some unarmoured archers from Curteys that will be useful for my Outlaw faction when I get to it. There were also a couple of pack mules from Irregular which will come in useful for a couple of scenarios I have in mind.

Show loot

Friday, 30 January 2015

Lion Rampant first game

On Thursday night I managed to get the figures I've painted down to the club for a quick game to test out the rules for this game. I didn't have tome to calculate points so we decided to just use what was available. After all it was about learning the rules and not about who wins. So I quickly organised my forces and even roped in some mounted Norman knights to proxy as a unit of mounted men at arms. I have also decided to set my games in a more fantasy setting which gives me more license on troop types and in creating a story for the games.

Our first game was about the Rebels making an attempt to kidnap the Crown Prince as he was making a tour of the country before his coronation.

Rebel - Sir Robert de Groucey
Mounted Men at arms*
Men at arms
Yeoman with mixed weapons

Royalists - Crown Prince William
Men at arms*
Veteran Sergeants

Royalists - Sir Henry Bodrum
Men at arms*

The battlefield
Prince William and Sir Henry have visited the local church to pray at Christs' relics when the alarm is raised when Sir Robert de Groucey has arrived at the village with a large retinue, armed and looking for a fight. Prince William and Sir Henry decide to quickly advance on the village as most of their horses and equipment is there.

Royalists advance
View from the village towards the Royalists
At this point we ignore the rule on failing an activation order to end a turn as we wanted to get both sides stuck in. As both sides closed we then reverted back to the normal sequence.

Sir Robert and retinue
Sergeants and Crossbows move into position
As both sides advanced I moved the yeoman out onto my right flank to try and inflict some casualties on the advancing enemy. My crossbowmen seemed to get bogged down in the village (probably in the local tavern) as they ended up taking no part in the game.

Yeoman advance
Sir Robert leads forward his men at arms
As my Yeoman got into position they awaited the advancing sergeants of Prince Williams' retinue. As the enemy closed I failed may activation order to fire which the Sergeants took full advantage of to crash into my line.

Yeoman in position
Approaching Royalists
Sergeants get stuck in
it was at this point that things started to go wrong for the Royalists. The foot sergeants only inflicted a single casualty and were forced to retreat with the drawn combat. On my left the Royalist sergeants attacked my own foot sergeants and were bloodily repulsed.

Clash of sergeants
Sir Henry's sergeants repulsed
In my turn I sent forward my sergeants to try and finish off Sir Henrys' men, while my Yeoman fired into the retreating sergeants of Prince William. My foot men at arms moved to the centre of the village to cover the advance of the Prince William and his men at arms.

Sir Henrys' battered sergeants retreat again
Sharpen your swords boys
To try and salvage the game Sir Henry committed his men at arms into my Yeoman and gave them a bit of a thrashing, sending the poor yeoman running and in a battered state. Meanwhile the Prince William and his men at arms clashed in the street with rebel men at arms. It was not Prince Williams day as his men were bloodily hacked down, failing their courage test the fled (double 1 rolled by John)

Take that rebels

Men at arms clash
At this time the game was up for the Royalists. Sir Robert charged his men at arms into Sir Henry, knocking him to the ground and forcing him to retreat to avoid capture, before they turned their attention onto the sergeants.

Put them to the sword
All in a very enjoyable game, if somewhat bloody. The rules seem very easy to pick up and gave a good flavour of a medieval game. John was impressed and he is normally a WW2 gamer. I have also decided to create some sort of markers to represent battered units as we had been using dice. I've got some spare weapons, shield and stuff left over from numerous plastic kits which i can arrange on some mdf bases.