Sunday, 20 May 2018

Tanks and more Tanks

After our first game of What a Tanker on Thursday I decided to crack on and paint up a few more tanks. They are all plastic kits from Zvezda. I've been picking up random kits from EBay.

First up are some Russian Tanks, 2 T34s and 2 BT5s. I decided to have a go at winter camo. I was looking for the more scruffy look rather than pure white to reflect how the white wash got worn through use and the green showed through. These were done with a simple white base coat, then using a fanned brush lightly dry brushed on the green. Not the greatest models but I'm happy with them.

Russian tanks
T34 test model
The other kit I picked up was a Panther. A bit more tricky to put together but a lovely model. I went for the classic late war colour scheme.

This brings me up to 7 models. Will need a few more as now I've checked through the campaign section I need some Valentine's, T26s and Panzer 38t's.

German and Russian tanks
Already looking forward to the next game.