Monday, 16 April 2018

Rogue Trader Orks with extras

Even though I have mainly concentrated on my Great Northern War armies I have been running a mini side project on expanding my original Rogue Trader ork army. Though it is still not complete, which project ever is, here is an update of my progress.

First up is some of the rank and file. These are all metal figures from the original Space Ork line. There are quite a few from the Ork Raiders boxed set. Just need a couple more figures and I'd have 3 complete sets.

Ork boyz mob1
Ork boyz mob2
Ork boyz mob3
Ork boyz mob4
Ork support weapons
Ork command mob

Ork mobs
Not a balanced army by any means but I don't care. It's based upon figures that I like. Next up some of the extra mobs that all armies need. There are 2 trukk mobs from the old Gorkamorka range ably supported by a couple of buggies. I like these figures as they fit in with the Rogue trader era figures unlike the more modern gorilla looking figures.

Trukk mobs
Ork buggies
Now no Ork army should be without some dreadnoughts or killer kans as they are now called. So far I have a mob of 5 models including a Rogue trader era sculpt, had to heighten his base as the others dwarf him.

Of the newer Ork models I do like the metal Nobz figures that were produced following the release of Gorkamorka so some of these were added to support my Warboss. The boss figure is built around the Ghazgull model with a few adaptions as the power claw was missing. Lastly there is a small mob of grots with a few still to be added.

Warboss with retinue
Once again I have a hankering to get some use out of these, hopefully as part of a campaign or linked games.


Michał Kucharski said...

Looking great sir!

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Michal

Phil said...

Diversified and very nicely done Neil, love the vehicles!

Neil Scott said...

Thanks Phil. Always need side projects to keep me painting