Sunday, 5 February 2017

Vapnartak 2017

Once again I made the annual pilgrimage to the York show with some mares from the Cresswell club. Overall I am impressed with the show. Plenty to get me enthused for the start of the year.

On the purchase front I once again went with a list and managed to obtain everything I had wanted. Kallistra for a selection in hex hills, Old Glory and Dixons for some extra WSS figures, mainly command and cavalry. I also picked up some paints from the Warbases stand. I only made 2 extra purchases, some d20 dice and some paintbrushes that were very reasonably priced.

Show loot
On to the games. There was quite a nice selection, again I forgot to take pictures. There was a formula minions game for the kids which looked fun. A very nice Bronze age skirmish game using the SARS rules. I also liked the look of the Montrose game on the ground floor. Overall a great show and looking forward to next year


Rodger said...

Nice haul Neil. Sounds like a good time too!

Neil Scott said...

It was Rodger. York is always a good start for the wargames calendar

ArmouredHunterMaster said...

Glad you enjoyed the show and the mix of traders and games. It has been a hard and busy weekend but we at York club have a great time putting the show on.

Ray Rousell said...

A nice subdued haul there Scott!

Neil Scott said...

I know, much better and less stressful on the wallet when I take a list

Francis Lee said...

I love the line mares, nice to do though!

Thomas Mcpherson said...

Hi Neil

Hope you don't mind me contacting you, I note that you wargame now at Cresswell, am interested in starting again can you let me know where and when you meet.

Do you accept new members/visitors.


Neil Scott said...

More than welcome Tom