Sunday, 27 March 2016

Making trees

In one of those moments of madness, I decided to have a go at making a few trees. Since the downsizing of the club, these are the one item of terrain we are lacking, particularly for 25/28mm games. So a quick gig around in my useful terrain box I located a couple of barbecue skewers, some left over florist wire and a half empty bag of clump foliage.

First off I cut the skewers to a suitable length and then twisted various lengths of florist wire around it to look like suitable branches. I then glued everything in place and attached it to a small mdf Base and left for about an hour to dry.

Basic tree frame
Once the glue had dried I gave the whole thing a quick paint using a suitable dark brown. Once again left for an hour to dry. Then taking the clump foliage I glued suitable amounts to the branches, somehow sticking more to my own fingers. You can then add more or less foliage to meet your own tastes. Once finished it was a simple matter of basing the finished models.

2 finished trees
Trees with 28mm figure for scale 
Not to bad for about 20 minutes work not counting drying time per tree. I've now built 3 and ordered some more florist wire as I now want to build a few more.


Rodger said...

They look great Neil. Excellent work!

Phil said...

Nicely done Neil, nicely done...

Neil Scott said...

Cheers guys