Sunday, 10 January 2016

First Game of the Year

After a three week break the club finally reconvened on Thursday. We had organised a Epic scale X Wing game, 200 points per player. However Robbo mis-understood and only brought 100 points. His defence was he thought it was 200 points per side not player. This meant he hadn't brought the Tantive, just 3 X-wings. Luckily Tom stepped up and loaned him the Millenium Falcon and a K-Wing to bring him up to 200 points. The game saw 2 Imperial Players in a straight up fight against 1 Rebel and 1 scum faction (me).

For the Imperials Tom brought the Imperial Raider and backed it up with 2 Tie Interceptors from the Emperors squadron. Neil brought an Imperial Shuttle, Decimator and the Assault carrier with 4 Tie fighters (yikes)

Imperial Raider
Assault carrier with support
Robbos Rebels include the 3 X-wings led by Wedge  with the Falcon and a heavily armed K-wing. For the Scum i brought an IG2000, a Firespray, 1 y-wing, a khirax fighter and 2 headhunters. We seemed to be seriously under-gunned.

The scum
Unfortunately I didn't take too many pictures as I was having too much fun. I was able to isolate the Decimator and with 2 turns of firing managed to destroy it. The Tie fighters from the Assault carrier had flown off to attack my Y-wing and left the Decimator to its fate.

Robbo meanwhile had his hands full with the Raider and was lucky to see Wedge survive a heavy salvo. The Raider was also armed with and Ion cannon which Tom used to great effect. Ionising 2 X-wings and then being able to destroy them the following turn by ramming them.

After taking out a tie fighter and one of the Interceptors time caught up with us and a draw was called. Though the Raider was damaged the assault carrier was un-hit. Luckily for me I had only lost a few shields on my ships. Hopefully next time Robbo remembers the Raider and then we can field the second Assault carrier that we have. Starting to think we have too many ships.

The Rebels attack

The Raider engages
Scum and Imperials engage
Next week we will be giving the Frostgrave rules another run out


Phil said...

Cool, nice looking ships!

Rodger said...

Looks great! I have only had a couple of games of X Wing, but I did enjoy them!

Joakim Ström said...

You can never have too many ships.
Had a go at X-wing myself this weekend. Just 150p per side but great fun, even though the heroic freedom-fighters were obliterated.