Friday, 27 January 2012

More Franco Prussian stuff

Finally managed to paint up the last of my Franco Prussian war figures before I need to make another order to Outpost. First up is the Wurtemburg cavalry brigade and the Divisional commander. Instead of using a black undercoat on these I went with white, mainly due to my preference of painting horse from white rather than the black. Sorry the photos aren't the best, too cold outside to get any done at the moment.

Divisional Commander

Wurtemburg Cavalry

Next up was my supposed to be Wurtemburg artillery to finish the division, but turned out to be Bavarian instead. Must say I actually enjoyed painting these. A nice change doing the lighter blue uniforms.

Bavarian artillery

Bavarian artillery


Ray Rousell said...

Very nice painting!!!

Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

As above, can't wait to have a game Scotty, not doing much wargaming at the moment, mainly painting but once the better weather comes around I'll feel different, just my age!!!!

scotty said...

Dave, must say I'm looking forward to getting some gaming in, probably won't be until we get to Mick's at the moment

Willie Anderson said...

Great work really nice figures