Tuesday, 23 February 2010

WSS Weekend part II

Continuing on the last post... Saturday night and Sunday involved a 2 on 1 battle with 600 points of Franco Bavarians commanded by Mick and Jon against myself with 400 points of Saxons and Imperialists.
French and Saxons face off

The Bavarian columns advance

The 2 armies face off
Saxon attack on the French centre
This was a very hard fought battle. The lowlight for me was the sight of 2 Saxon cavalry brigades being badly mauled by their Bavarian counterparts. The main highlight was of 2 battalions of Hannovarian infantry the sallying from a village into the densly packed Bavarian columns and destroyed an infantry brigade before falling back, giving valuable breathing space to the Saxon right wing. Overall very enjoyable with honours about even, the Bavarian flank attacked had been held up, the French centre and Imperial left wing had been badly mauled....honours even.

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