Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Lion Rampant (IV)

Well I seem to be in a bit of a groove building and painting figures for this game. Very surprised at my output already. Following my last post where my first retinue is nearing completion, (just need to add a mounted unit of sergeants) I thought I would crack on and complete a couple more retinues. More retinues you may ask! at the club I have often found it best to complete more than one side for a project and though some of the guys will play the game I know they will not buy figures for it as WW2 is there main area of interest. This got me thinking, in order to play some multi player games I'll need 4 retinues of between 12-16 points. Obviously my first retinue will be larger, rounding out at 24 points.. Now for one of these extra retinues I will just use my old citadel men-at-arms figures I painted last year. This just leaves 2 to do. I have already started on one, completing some bidowers and foot knights, next up is a unit of foot sergeants. As usual these figures are the excellent Fire forge [plastics which I recommend most heartily.

foot sergeants
foot sergeants
These guys bring this retinue up to 12 points and when I finish the mounted yeoman 16 points, more than good enough for club games. Now for a third retinue, I wanted these guys to be a bit different, more uniformed, possibly kings men or such like. With the left over figures from the Foot Templar boxed set I got to work. Instead of padded armour these guys are in chain mail, allowing me to upgrade the sergeants to expert. So far I have done 3 men at arms and 3 sergeants. The rest of the figures have also been built and ready for painting.

3rd retinue
3rd retinue
To bulk up this retinue I have picked up some more GW Bretonnian archers as part of a bundle. I hope to get at least 1 archer unit or possibly 2 out of them. the only thing I have missing so far is some mounted knights. I can definitely see me purchasing the mounted sergeant at arms boxed set at the York show to fulfil this role. In the mean time I dug this guy out and gave him a lick of paint. He may yet get a run out during some planned games. Odo d'Outremer, he was one of the special characters for the Bretonnian army, nice figure.

Odo d'Outremer
Odo d'Outremer
No time to get back to painting some of these guys


RMacedo NoVember said...

Very nice work! :)

Neil Scott said...

cheers mate

Phil said...

Very nice, love the sergeants!

Rodger said...

Great work there Scotty. Very nice indeed!