Saturday, 16 November 2013

Napoleonic progress

In between he gaming nights at Dave's I have manged to find some time to paint up more of my own Napoleonic collection. Still rather modest compared to most, but seems to be coming along nicely. First up is  the allied cavalry, the Brunswick Hussars, these even managed to make it into the game and caused some devastation to my French infantry.

Brunswick hussars
Brunswick Hussars
The unit still requires a flag, but so far my efforts have been in vain. The figures are all from CGM and the bases are from Warbase. To support my Austrian troops I have also completed a unit of Dragoons, Baron Franz Levenher. These figures are all from Warmodelling / Fantassin. I like the pose of these figures but the metal is very tough and makes cleaning up the figures prior to painting a bit of a chore.

Baron Franz Levenher
Baron Franz Levenher
Allied cavalry
So far the Warmodelling and CGM figures are a decent match size wise, though I may not mix them in the same units, though that's just a personal choice. After concentrating on these it was time i did some of their opponents, namely some Westphalians. Why Westphalians, well because the fought in both the Danube theatre and in the Peninsular, nobody else was doing them and I quite like the fact that they weren't the best troops that Napoleon had.

I've used a list from Nazfiger which details X corps of which the Westphalian division was a part. It will give me 2 brigades of infantry, includes the Grenadiers and Jaeger Carabiniers. There are also a couple of attached cavalry units including some Cuirassiers.

The first units are 2 battalions of the 5th infantry regiment. these figures are a mix from Warrior miniatures for the line, the elite companies are from AB I think? the other unit is from the 1st infantry regiment. these figures are from Old Glory. The flags for all the units are from Warflag.

1st and 2nd battalions, 5th infantry
1st battalion, 1st infantry
Westphalian attack columns
Next up is a few extra additions to the Austrians. Another infantry battalion, this time the figures are from Warmodelling. These were not my favourite to paint and there were some significant differences in the size and bulk of the figures, but I suppose all shapes and sizes would have enlisted. Like the cavalry the metal was brittle, I even snapped one of the muskets after painting much to my annoyance. Also I completed an artillery battery, these figures are from Warrior. I have left the artillery piece loose from the base so that it can be attached to limbers when I finally get around to painting some.

Austrian infantry
Austrian infantry
Austrian artillery battery
I have also just finished painting up a couple of brigadiers for the Westphalians as well as the Grenadiers. After this I have one more Westphalian infantry battalion, some Austrian Jaegers and a French Chasseur regiment to paint.


Phil said...

Looking good, very good!

Rodger said...

Wow Scotty!!! It looks like you have been a very busy man. Fantastic work!

scotty said...

Cheers guys, with the bad weather much easier to find painting time

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice looking collection!


peter said...

That are a lot of excellent painted units!