Tuesday, 18 April 2017

GNW Danes and Cossacks

Quickly following on from my last post are 2 further additions to my collection. First up is the Danish 2nd Sjaellandske Cuirassiers. The figures for these are Roundway with the exception of 2 command figures which are Dixon, mounted on Roundway horses. The flag is from Maverick Models.

2nd Sjaellandske Cuirassiers 
2nd Sjaellandske Cuirassiers 
This brings the strength of my Danish horse up to 18 squadrons. I do have enough figures to put together another 6 squadrons, more than likely these will be the Livgarden and Livregiment Cuirassiers.

The next unit is my second regiment of foot cossacks to serve in the Russian Auxiliary Corps or act as allies for the Swedes. The figures for these are all from Essex miniatures. The flag was sourced from browning images on the internet.

Cossack infantry 
Cossack infantry 
I've also completed a little stocktake of figures than I need to complete for this period. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Danes - 3 infantry battalions and 6 squadrons of horse
The Swedes - 5 infantry battalions and 12 squadrons of horse
The Russians - 9 squadrons of horse and 3 medium guns
The Poles - 9 squadrons of horse

Enough to keep me busy for a while.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

GNW mixed bag

Over the last couple of weeks I've been jumping between the different armies to help maintain my focus. This post reflects that with a mix of Danes, Poles and Cossacks. First up is the Danes with the 4th Jydske Cuirassier regiment. The figures are all from Roundway with the exception of 2 command figures from Essex and Dixon's. The flag is from Maverick Models.

4th Jydske Cuirassier 
4th Jydske Cuirassier 
Next up is the Poles with a regiment of Pancerni. The figures for these are from Donnington miniatures. I made a small purchase to try the figures out. Not too keen on the riders which seem slightly large in comparison to the Essex Pancerni already in my collection.

Lastly is the first of 2 foot Cossack regiments I aim to complete. I can use these as part of the initial Russian Auxiliary Corps as well as allies of the Swedes. This makes the rather versatile. The figures are all from Essex miniatures, I have deliberately gone for a uniformed look. The second regiment is already undercoated.

Cossack foot regiment
Cossack foot regiment 
I've now got a week off work and hope to make progress on some more Danish and Polish cavalry and some Swedish infantry.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

GNW Swedes IV

Well another 2 battalions added to my Swedish force for the GNW. First up is the Foot Guard Grenadier battalion. The figures are from Dixons with the drummer from Warrior and the Ensign from matchlock. This brings my guards brigade up to 4 battalions.

Foot Grenadiers
The next battalion is from the Vasterbotten regiment. These are a mix of Dixon and Warrior miniatures. Using up some more of my spare painted pike men.

Vasterbotten regiment
I've now got 2 more battalions for the Upplands regiment on the painting table along with a couple of regiments of Danish Cuirassiers.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

GNW Swedes III

In a slight break from painting Danish troops (all that grey) it was nice to make a return to my Swedish troops. Firstly I decided to re base the infantry, combining the Command and Pike bases into a single deeper base like my Russian troops. It makes moving the troops that little bit easier. One benefit of this is that it left me with a number of spare painted pike men, this wouldn't do and some extra figures would be required.

I decided to try out Warrior miniatures as they do a selection of infantry with turnbacks. For 15mm scale they look fine to me and 2 battalions of the Ostgotta regiment were completed.

Ostgotta regiment
This next picture highlights the deeper command bases.

Ostgotta regiment 
I've now got 2 more regiments on the painting table including the Grenadier battalion.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

WSS / GNW Danes X

After a weekend gaming some ACW at Micks it was time to get back to the Danes. I had quite a productive few days completing 2 regiments as some command bases. First up is the 2nd Jydske regiment, these are all Bluemoon figures. For a change I went with a black undercoat which has made the coats come out darker, think I'll stick with grey for now.

2nd Jydske regiment 
The next regiment is the 3rd Jydske. The majority of these figures are from Roundway. The ensign is a Dixon's figure on a horse from Essex miniatures.

3rd Jydske regiment
As the box was out I decided to take a group photo of my first completed cavalry brigade.

Cavalry brigade
As my Danish gore has expanded, it was time to add a few more command figures. I decided to add a Commander in Chief base and a Line commander base. The figures are all from Roundway and a mix of General figures with some French horse command added.

Command bases
As I'm now awaiting some more figures from Roundway for the next cavalry brigade my thoughts have returned to the Swedes. I now have some re basing to do as I have decided to combine the command and pike bases. The result of this is I now have spare painted pike men,  so guess I'll just have to get some extra musketeers and put together a few more battalions.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

WSS / GNW Danes IX

Despite being very busy with work I have managed to add my first Cuirassier regiment to my Danish army. I've went for the 1st Jydske regiment. Like most of the Danish army they are in light grey coats. The figures are from Bluemoon which I picked up at the York show last month. The flag is from Maverick Models.

1st Jydske Cuirassiers 
1st Jydske Cuirassiers 
My only issue with the Bluemoon figures is that they supply a drummer instead of a cornet. If I can find a company that produces something compatible I'll use them instead.

For the next few regiments I've decided yo do the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Jydske and the 2nd Sjaellandske regiments as I already have the flags. The 2nd Jydske are nearly complete with just a few highlights to go. After these I may make a return to the Swedes.

Sunday, 5 March 2017


Yet more progress on my Danish force. This time 3 more battalions of infantry. Then I can make a start on the horse. First up is the 3rd battalion of the Droningin regiment. Like the previous 2 battalions these are all from Dixon Miniatures.

Droningin regiment
The next 2 battalions are from the Prince Christian regiment. The figures are from Roundway. I chose these as I quite like the wine red facing colours.

Prince Christian regiment 
Prince Christian regiment 
So far this brings the infantry strength up to 17 battalions. I do have 3 more glued to painting sticks ready for undercoat in.  This will complete the infantry that I need. I then took the opportunity to organise then into 3 brigades for a couple of photos.

Danish infantry
Danish infantry
With all of my efforts on the Danes so far, my Swedish troops are looking rather shorthanded. I've ordered a couple of infantry battalions from Roudham and plan to make a start on the Swedes after I complete the Danish horse regiments

Sunday, 26 February 2017


Despite it being the school half term and having a weeks break from work, I've made slow progress. I did finish the refurbishment of the last 2 battalions for my nephew. For my own collection I knuckled down and completed the 2 batteries of Artillery as well as a couple of officers.

Danish artillery 
The figures for both batteries are from Warrior Miniatures.  You cannot beat them for value with 4 guns costing only £2.50. I was struggling to find info on the carriage colours and had to rely on the TMP forum. I do quite like the red and gold colours.

Danish commanders
The 2 command bases represent a Brigadier and a more senior line commander. The 2 officers are from Bluemoon and the drummer is a left over figure from Roundway. I do have a couple of packs from Roundway for extra commanders. Should be enough for a Army general, line commander and 3 more Brigadiers.

On the painting table I decided to concentrate on completing the Danish infantry. I've 3 more battalions prepped, the 3rd battalion of the Droningin regiment and 2 battalions from the Prince Christian regiment. With these and the 3 battalions of the Jydske regiment to paint should complete the Danish infantry.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

WSS / GNW Danes part VI

Finally managed to get around basing the latest 2 battalions to add to my Danish troops. The delay has been caused by refurbishing my Nephews Danish troops. His younger brother shook the box they were stored in like maracas. The damage was extensive, I've so far refurbished 4 battalions with 2 still to complete by amalgamating the unbroken figures. There are 2 full battalions worth of figures for the scrap heap.

So here are his refurbished figures. 3 battalions from the Prince George regiment and a single battalion from the Wurtemburg-Oels regiment.

Prince George regiment 
Wurtemburg-Oels regiment 
So back to the 2 battalions of my own troops that I have completed. Both battalions are from the Droningin or Queens regiment. Quite distinctive in their red coats. The majority of the figures are from Dixons with a couple from Roundway and Warrior. The flags were sourced from the Internet.

Droningin regiment 
Droningin regiment
I've now got 2 Artillery batteries on the painting table. I then need to decide if I start on the 2 Cuirassier regiments or push on and complete the remains 6 infantry battalions first.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

WSS / GNW Danes V

After returning from the York show I decided to get these 2 battalions based up and ready for a club game on Thursday. Both are 3rd battalions for 2 regiments that I've already worked on, Prince Karl and the Livgarden til fods.

The figures for the Prince Karl battalion are all from Roundway and the flag from Maverick Models.

3rd battalion Prince Karl
3rd battalion Prince Karl regiment 
The figures for the Livgarden til fods are all from Dixon's miniatures with the exception of the ensign which is a Russian pike man from Roundway.

3rd battalion Livgarden til fods 
3rd battalion Livgarden til fods 
This brings the completed Danish infantry up to 12 battalions. I've also got 3 battalions from the Droningin regiment on the painting table. There are also enough figures for another 5 infantry battalions. I'll shortly be able to make a start on the 2 regiments of Cuirassiers  I purchased at York.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Vapnartak 2017

Once again I made the annual pilgrimage to the York show with some mares from the Cresswell club. Overall I am impressed with the show. Plenty to get me enthused for the start of the year.

On the purchase front I once again went with a list and managed to obtain everything I had wanted. Kallistra for a selection in hex hills, Old Glory and Dixons for some extra WSS figures, mainly command and cavalry. I also picked up some paints from the Warbases stand. I only made 2 extra purchases, some d20 dice and some paintbrushes that were very reasonably priced.

Show loot
On to the games. There was quite a nice selection, again I forgot to take pictures. There was a formula minions game for the kids which looked fun. A very nice Bronze age skirmish game using the SARS rules. I also liked the look of the Montrose game on the ground floor. Overall a great show and looking forward to next year

Saturday, 21 January 2017

WSS / GNW Danes and Russians

I finally completed my first mounted regiment for the Danes, the Wurtemburg-Oels dragoon regiment. The mountef figures for this regiment are all from Dixons and the flag from Maverick Models. I also completed 2 stands of dismounted dragoons from Essex miniatures.

Wurtemburg-Oels dragoons 
Wurtemburg-Oels dragoons
Dismounted troopers
I've also decided to add a small cavalry brigade to my Russian Auxiliary Corps, not that they fielded any but more for club games. The first regiment is A. Kropotov Horse Grenadier regiment. I think the blue vat has turned out too dark. I'll be adding a second horse grenadier regiment and a regiment of dragoons to the brigade. Only because that is the figures that I have available.

A. Kropotov Horse Grenadier 
A. Kropotov Horse Grenadier 
The figures for this regiment are Roundway with the exception of the Cornet which is a spare Dixon figure. The troopers were kindly passed on to me from Mick.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

WSS / GNW Danes IV

It's been a bit of a slow start to this year, these figures were started before Christmas but real life got in the way. So here they finally are, 2 battalions from the Prince Karl regiment. The figures for these are all from Roundway. Quite enjoyed painting them when I finally got around to it. The flag is from Maverick Models.

Prince Karl regiment
Prince Karl regiment 
I also added 2 more Brigadiers to the army. These are from the excellent Bluemoon range. The one in the yellow coat is to specifically lead the Guards.

I've also put in an order with Donington miniatures for some additional Polish cavalry. Should have enough for 2 regiments of hussars, a regiment of Pancerni and Dragoons. I'm also looking forward to the York show where I hope to pick up some additional Danish cavalry.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016 Review

First off I'd just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope 2017 is a good one. I would like to thank every one who follows the blog and for their comments, much appreciated. Now as is obligatory these days I thought I'd review my progress for 2016. At the start of the year this was my aim

"For 2016 I don't  have any firm goals yet. I would like to finish my WSS and FPW collections but after that a bit of a loose end. No doubt something shine will catch my eye".

Can't believe I left it that open. However it did leave a bit of freedom this year. Things kicked off in February after the York show when I committed to the AWI in 28mm. Managed to get a fair bit done and a useable force for club games. I do have some more militia to paint up to add to the Continentals.

Next up was a quick return to my 15mm ACW collection. This was inspired by a refight of the battle of Fredericksburg and the need for some extra brigades and Artillery. All that I have left in the unpainted pile is a handful of reb cavalry.

The rest of the year has been spent on the Great Northern War. Initially inspired by an ongoing campaign with Mick and the need for extra troops saw this spiral into my main project. After over 20 years I finally finished the Saxons, even adding in the Russian Auxiliary Corps,  Polish cavalry and finally the Swedes. 2017 should see the addition of more Swedes as well as the Danes and extra Polish cavalry. This period also encouraged me to adapt the current he's based rules I use for the horse and musket period. So far so good and even resulted in a re fight of Klissow.

On the painting front it has been rather productive, approx 1000 figures completed.


15mm Artillery - 24
15mm Foot figures - 498
15mm Mounted figures - 230
28mm Artillery -2
28mm Foot figures - 224
28mm Mounted figures - 8

2017 will see the continuation of the WSS campaign against Mick. We are currently 3 games in. No doubt it will also help with the enthusiasm to paint the figures for both the GNW and WSS. I do have a hankering to paint up a few individual figures for games like Rogue Stars and Frostgrave, more for variety and my sanity.