Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Progress has continued with my additional Saxon cavalry. I chose the Brandenburg-Bayreuth Dragoon regiment. It was part of the Auxiliary Corps on Austrian service from 1703 to 1704. It then took part in the Poland Campaigns from 1704. It saw action at the battles of Posen, Punitz, Fraustadt and Gadebusch before being broken up in 1717.

Brandenburg-Bayreuth dragoons
Brandenburg-Bayreuth dragoons
Brandenburg-Bayreuth dragoons 
I painted this unit in 2 chunks of 9 figures each. I find if I paint much more than that in one go it takes me longer. The figures are all from the Warrior Miniatures range. I now have another 6 squadrons of dragoons and 3 squadrons of Cuirassiers to finish for my Saxons. After this there are a couple of infantry battalions to complete, then a repaint of the Artillery as I've since discovered the carriages were black not brown as I've painted them.


Phil said...

Splendid uniform and impressive paintjob!

Neil Scott said...

Thanks Phil

Paul Robinson said...

Very nice they look too.

Rodger said...

Excellent work Scotty! I do like the Saxons.

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Paul

Neil Scott said...

Thanks Rodger. They're my favourite army of this period