Monday, 23 March 2015

An army needs generals

As part of the campaign I am playing with Mick, we had to split our allotted points up to make 3 armies, hence the need for 3 army generals. It then became apparent, the only General figure(s) I had completed for my WSS collection was that of Marlborough himself. I had plenty of single based models to represent the brigadiers and even enough double bases for the divisional commanders but only 1 General. I made a quick order to Essex Miniatures to rectify that. I decided to paint them up to match the armies that I have in my collection, hence 1 for the Saxons, 1 for the Imperialists and 1 for the French. these are not the greatest photos as taken with my mobile and the lighting was not great.

The Generals together
French General
Imperialist General
Saxon General
The figures are all from Essex except for the 2 mounted drummers which are from Roundway Miniatures. I'm not sure of the make of the standing horse. After these guys I decided to paint up a couple of spare Dragoon figures to act as messengers for relaying orders. I painted them in Imperialist colours as they will match my army for the campaign. I have also started on some dismounted dragoon figures as I need to represent them for holding bridges and such like,

Dragoon messengers
Wurzburg Schad dismounted dragoons
Hesse-kassel Erbprinz dismounted dragoons
Now I just need to complete 2 more bases of dismounted dragoons for the English for our next game in April.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Lion Rampant X

Sorry for the delay in between posts but work has been hectic. I have managed to get in a couple of games, notable a WSS campaign with Mick which I will post more of later. So on to the painting. I have now completed all of my mounted figures for Lion Rampant so here they are. First up is the mounted men at arms for the Prince's retinue.

Prince's men at arms
The second unit I completed was the men at arms for the Fitzwalter retinue. For William Fitzwalter I decided to paint his helmet in his retinues colour. I have seen others do this and think it can be quite effective.

Fitzwalter's men at arms.
So to complete my retinues I have another unit of archers to add to the Fitzwalter's, their is another unit of foot sergeants for the Prince. I am still awaiting my order from Black tree which will allow me to finish the mounted yeoman and some foot men at arms.