Thursday, 29 January 2015

Lion Rampant V

Progress has slowed slightly this week, but I put that down to work which has been very busy and left me to knackered at nights for much painting. But I still managed to finish 12 more figures for my retinues. First up is the 3 extra foot men at arms required for my Royalist retinue. The figures are the excellent Fire forge Templar infantry boxed set. I did use a shield transfer from GW to make the faction leader stand out.

Men at arms
Men at arms
Next up was the remaining 9 foot sergeants to complete a unit.As these guys are more heavily armoured than my previous sergeants I will be upgrading them to veterans for the games.

Next up for this retinue I will have a unit of archers, once again I will be using the old plastic figures from GW which I feel fit in quite well, also picked up 30 of them for a fiver on EBay. So far 6 of these are done and I will post pictures in a later post once all finished.

So what's next, well I should be at York on Sunday and I'm hoping to pick up a couple more boxed sets, this time mounted sergeant at arms and possibly some Templar's. I will also keep my eye out for some peasants and poorly armed figures as I have decided that the fourth retinue will be based upon outlaws (Robin Hood?)


Phil said...

Good job and great colors once again!

Neil Scott said...

thanks Phil

TamsinP said...

Nicely done Neil.

For the peasants/outlaws, you might find the Gripping Beast "Dark age Warriors" box useful as they are unarmoured. You might need to do some head swaps for a more medieval look.

Neil Scott said...

Good idea Tamsin, might pick some up at York