Sunday, 29 June 2014


In between painting my Napoleonic Austrians I have been dabbling again with Blood bowl. Some of the guys at the club have been playing old second edition and this got me thinking about finishing off some of my figures. First up is the Troll Ripper Bolgrot from the third Edition. Instead of the more popular green skin I decided to go for red. Very happy with the colour though I don't think the photos do him justice.

Ripper Bolgrot
Rear view
Side view
Next up I decided to purchase one of the resin sets from Impact miniatures - namely the female Norse team. Firstly because I like the figures, secondly they have a snow Troll and werewolf which can double up with my current Norse team. I decided to paint the werewolf and one of the Blitzers up in the colours of my current team Odin's Fury.

Vynhiem Valkyries
Werewolf and Blitzer - Odin's Fury
I have just finished off the Snow troll and have 3 more Valkyries part painted. I do recommend the Impact Miniatures range, some good deals and excellent looking figures. Well back to that last unit of Austrians

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