Monday, 10 February 2014

WSS update part 2

Well following a change of plans I was able to make it down to the club on Thursday to continue with our WSS game. This time due to attendance a couple of new players took over from myself and Tom, this allowed me to concentrate more on umpiring.

On the Imperialist left they began to pull back their infantry brigades as they realised a frontal assault against the Saxon guards and grenadiers was not likely to succeed. Instead they redeployed the artillery to pour fire into the redoubts. A third Imperialist infantry brigade eventually arrived and promptly made their way to the rather weak looking Saxon centre.

On the centre right of the Imperialist line one of their heavy cavalry brigades faced off against their Saxon counterparts. After charging into their opponents they promptly drove them back for seeing the Saxon brigade crumple under pressure and stream to the rear. The Imperialists retired to the village with their work done.

The other 2 Saxon cavalry brigades approach the village on their left to be promptly met by accurate artillery and musketry. They eventually retired out of range to lick their wounds. Things were about to get worse for the Saxons as the Hessian's and Hanoverian had finally arrived to bolster the Imperialist right flank.

Well this Thursday I hope to get the game fought to a conclusion. I must say that things are not looking to good for the Saxons.

On the painting front I've finished off the Palatinat Garde grenadiers, photos will follow in a day or too as well as a couple of extra French Brigadiers. With my orders arriving from Warrior and Dixons, I can crack on and paint the remaining 7 battalions I need for the French at Friedlingen.


Phil said...

Looks like a great fight!

Rodger said...

Good luck to the Saxons!! Looking forward to seeing the grenadiers too!

Ray Rousell said...

Looks a great game, fingers crossed for the Saxons???