Monday, 17 February 2014

Painting update

In between my weekly forays to the club for the WSS game, I've also been feverishly painting away in the background on a number of mini projects. First up is something rather unplanned. It is an army I always wanted to paint when I first played Warhammer Fantasy battle as a youngster. My mother at the time had a rather fierce aversion to anything with long tails so I could never get any onto the painting table. After browsing EBay I managed to pick up a couple of bargains to allow me to put together a small force of Skaven. So far I have plumbed for the plastic figures from the Island of Blood campaign set, very nice they are especially when you see how much the original metal figures go for these days.

First up the Skaven Warlord Snic Gnawtooth to lead my rag bag of ratmen. I love the pose of this figure, very dynamic.

Snic Gnawtooth
Rear view
Now all Warlords need some followers. These are the first of the warriors that I've completed including a Warlock Engineer. I am going for a red clothing theme for this unit. I have also purchased another 40 warriors that I'll split into 2 units each with their own colour scheme.

Skaven warriors
While painting these I have also been stripping figures that I painted in my youth, to say they were shabby is an understatement. Those were the days where highlighting, washes etc were in my imagination. The first figures I have re done are a unit of 10 men at arms, once part of Citadel's fighter range, now produced by Foundry. I must have had these for at least 25 years. After a quick re paint I'm very happy with these.

Men at arms
Men at arms
Now I haven't just been painting fantasy figures. As promised I have also completed the Palatinat Garde Grenadiers. These were put together from some left over Dixon's figures from my British project for Ramillies. In the absence of an officer figure I have just used a figure in a different pose. Seems to work out okay.

I also completed a couple of extra Brigadiers that I'll use for the French. The one on the left is from Irregular Miniatures while the other is a Donnington figure on an Essex horse.

Well that's it for now. I've got more Skaven and 4 battalions of French infantry on the painting table and they won't paint themselves.


Rodger said...

You have been a busy man Scotty! Great work on all these guys and I am very impressed as I hate repainting fig's!

Francis Lee said...

I do love those old Citadel fighters, classic figures.

Neil Scott said...

cheers guys, really enjoyed painting those men at arms