Tuesday, 25 February 2014

More troops for Friedlingen

After setting up a large WSS game at the club last Thursday (see previous post) I realised that the Franco Saxon alliance were rather shorthanded on infantry battalions. This gave me an excuse to get some more French units completed for my Friedlingen project and to use in the game. The 2 battalions of the de Robecq regiment had already made it to the table so no pictures of them, but here are the rest that I managed to finish.

First up 2 battalions of the La Reine infantry regiment. I like these as the drummer is in a red coat, which is a change to most french units which have the drummer in blue. The figures are all from Dixon's and the flags by Warflag. I deliberately gave the second battalion just the Colonels colours.

The next 2 battalions are from the Limousin regiment. The majority of these figures are from Warrior, though the Ensign and drummer are Dixon figures. This now completes the French infantry I require for Friedlingen.

The last battalion I've completed is from the La Marck regiment, which were Germans in French service, hence the coloured coats. These are not required for Freidlingen but I've already decided that I want to expand my French troops. Most of the units I've painted to date are from the allies and anti French. The figures like the Limousin battalion are a mix of Warrior and Dixon's. I'm not sure if the colour of the stockings is correct, I couldn't find any details in my sources.

These 5 extra battalions should help even up the sides for the club game, though only for a while as I have a loan of my nephews Danish troops which will add a further 9 battalions and 6 squadrons of horse,


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

They do look nice Scotty.


Neil Scott said...

cheers Christopher

Neal Croudace said...

I commend use of the term "Anti French".

Rodger said...

Look fantastic Scotty. Great work!

Phil said...

Great looking regiments!