Sunday, 8 December 2013

X-wing and an update

Sorry that it's been a bit quiet on the posting front, mainly down to not having much time or energy for gaming. I blame it on these dark nights, I just want to sit in front of the fire watching TV. I have done some painting, mainly at weekends but haven't gotten around to taking pictures of any of them. I completed 2 more battalions for my Westphalian Napoleonics, some mounted brigadiers and a couple of figures for my F&IW collection.

Last week I even turned up at the club for only about the second time in a couple of months. Luckily they decided to put on a X-wing game which gave us a chance to try out a couple of the new ships, a B-wing and the Tie Bomber. To accompany the B-wing the rebels took an red squadron X wing and the Imperials took 2 extra tie fighters, one academy and one obsidian squadron pilot.

The game did not start out too well for the Imperials as I lost the academy pilot to the heavy payload of the B-wing. I did manage to even the score as a combination of the tie bomber and fighter put paid to the X-wing. The game then settled down to a game of cat and mouse with the B wing. Unfortunately the Bomber took a critical hit which prevented it from using abilities, i.e. no target lock preventing me using its valuable payload.

Eventually the rebels accounted for both of my ships the the B-wing was also reduced to its last hull point. I must admit these 2 new craft add an extra dimension to the game. So much so I went and purchased a B-wing to add to my rebel fleet. I did manage a few pictures of the game.

Tie fighter evades the B-wing
Bomber and tie hunting the B-wing
B-wing fires and misses
Tie fighter fires and also misses


Rodger said...

Looks like a cool game. One of our guys has some X wing stuff but we are yet to try it out!

Sean said...

It's ok to be slowing down, I think it's the normal hibernating reflex. I like the impressionistic table top for the X-Wing battle, it looks good. A word of warning to you Rodger, X-Wing is highly addictive.

Neil Scott said...

cheers Sean, the table was created by a couple of guys at the club for Dystopian wars

Neal Croudace said...

I found this of interest.