Saturday, 28 December 2013

2013 review

Well with 2013 nearly over I thought it was about time I did a little review on the progress of my numerous projects and to set myself some goals for 2014. A quick look back at a post from the start of the years highlights my aims for 2013. So how did I do

28mm Greeks – I was determined to get these done, but sadly there has been no further progress made on these. Not a good start, though I do put that down to nobody else in the club showing an interest in Ancients so I have had nothing to spur me on with these.

28mm FIW – I wanted to finish this project, adding some civilians and provincials. I did finish off a few more Indians and some settlers so I could say it is completed, but more could still be added.

15mm FPW – I wanted to add at least one more French infantry division and expand my Bavarians up to corps strength. Well partial success as I have added a 3rd French division, but I am yet to start on the Bavarians.

15mm ACW – With only a handful of figures to do, these should have been easy, but it took until a couple of weeks before the clubs Gettysburg display that motivated me to get these done.

15mm WSS – I wanted to complete the units requires for Friedlingen, namely the French. Well I did complete 2 battalions but then got sidetracked into completing the British contingent for the Battle of Ramillies. So at least they were for the correct period.

So what distracted me from my targets. Well, apart for the WSS British I can think of a few more. GNW Swedes, due to picking up a bargain from E bay I did a few battalions and squadrons. Next there was the 10mm Crimean War figures for which I blame Neal. So far I have done 2 Russian Infantry divisions. Lastly there were some 15mm Napoleonics. Always a period I have shied away from, but this year decided to take the plunge. So far I have some Austrians, Brunswickers and Westphalians, nearly enough to put on a game at the club using Black Powder.

On the gaming front this year I have seen a significant reduction in the games that I have played. I did manage to get to Mick’s for the Re-fight of Flodden as well as a large FPW game. At either Neal's or Dave's I had some great fun trying out General de Brigade and Black Powder for Napoleonics as well as a few games of Bolt Action. However at the club I only managed to be involved in a few games mainly because I just haven't been a regular attendee like I used to be.

My painting totals for this year have rather exceeded my expectations, though in 28mm I seem to have lost a little enthusiasim for painting these, where as I seem to enjoy painting 10 and 15mm scales.

10mm Artillery - 3
10mm Foot figures - 233
10mm Mounted figures - 4
15mm Artillery - 32
15mm Foot figures - 914
15mm Mounted figures - 235
15mm Vehicles - 3
28mm Artillery -
28mm Foot figures - 29
28mm Mounted figures - 1

Bye bye for now, I will post up details shortly of what my plans are for next year.


Andrew Saunders said...

Reads like a pretty good year on balance to me look forward to your plans for the year ahead

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Andrew, must admit so far my plans seem thin on the ground for 2014

Neal Croudace said...

Just logged on to do a summary of 2013 and you've beaten me by 10 hours!
I blame you for the Crimea business!
Reckon I'll just do a look forward to 2014 instead.
All the best,

Neil Scott said...

@ Neal, so 1812 war?

Francis Lee said...

Sounded like a good year to me.

Ian said...

It all sounds good except the games played, something I can relate too


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

On the painting front at least it seems it was a very productive year.