Friday, 1 November 2013

1809 Somewhere in Germany part 4, collapsing flanks and dodgy orders!

On Tuesday night I popped over to Dave's for a continuation of our Napoleonic battle. The title of this post will soon become very clear. First the dodgy orders, to those who have followed the earlier battle reports will know that my Cavalry brigade had done some sterling work on my right flank, routing the Austrian cavalry from the field. They had since retired back to my lines to prepare a counter attack against any breakthrough on my front line.

Retiring French cavalry after a job well done
Now a new order had come through from Corps command. My victorious cavalry were required to the south of the battlefield and promptly continued their march straight from the field of battle. My one advantage in the game suddenly taken away. With the loss of cavalry support those pesky Brunswick Hussars became a real threat as will be seen later.

Over on my right flank, once more Neal drove his Austrian infantry against my lines and this time he smashed a rather larger hole. Suddenly the whole brigade required panic tests and a couple of units began to falter against the sustained pressure.

The hole appears

Neal then followed up his advantage by trying to roll up my lines. The first succeeded in launching its attack but this time my faltering troops held their nerve. His other attack was quickly repulsed as a supporting unit poured deadly fire (double 6) into the attackers to protect the flanks of their comrades.

It was now over on my left flank that I had to get my troops moving with all speed, first to check the Austrian reinforcements and to shore up my centre. It was at this time that the Brunswick Hussars began their move. charging towards my advancing lines. Deciding to receive the charge and pour in fire from 2 battalions I though I would be able to stop them. Neal passed their morale and they crashed home, what carnage they caused ripping Frenchmen apart.

Austrian reinforcements
Black hussars charge
7-1 kill ratio
So as the night ended things were not looking good. My right flank is collapsing and the reinforcements have been checked by the Hussars (and I bloody painted them). Next week all being well i.e. it's not too cold, I think will be the concluding instalment. It will take some timing to extricate my troops, especially saving the artillery .

Collapsing right flank
 It doesn't make a pretty picture does it!


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Great looking game!


Phil said...

Nice looking game Scotty!

David Cooke said...

Good game Scotty