Saturday, 5 October 2013

Napoleonics Update part I

Following up on my last post I seem to have my painting mojo back and have been cracking on with some more figures for my Napoleonic project. For the Brunswickers I have painted up some more infantry and the command stand of the Duke of Brunswick with his Aide-de-camp.

First up the 2nd Line Battalion. Once again these figures like the rest of my Brunswickers are all from QRF. Very nice figures these, so much so that I have order some Hussars and a more infantry for them.

2nd Line Battalion
2nd Line Battalion
Next up the Sharpshooters followed by the Duke of Brunswick. I enjoyed painting these Sharpshooters in their green jackets, adds a bit of colour to a Brunswick force.

Duke of Brunswick
In addition to the Brunswickers I have also did some work on the Austrians, another unit of Landwehr and a couple of mounted Brigadiers. Like the last unit of Landwehr these are also from AB miniatures. This time I went for the Duchy of Mahren and Schlesien Landwehr in their Brown coats.

Mahren and Schlesien Landwehr
Mahren and Schlesien Landwehr
Lastly the 2 Brigadiers I painted are from the Fantassin range. I have also just completed another unit of infantry from this range that are in need of their bases finished before I post pictures of them. I'm not too keen on the horses but they seem to have painted up okay.

Austrian Brigadiers
To increase the strength of my Austrians I have ordered some Dragoons and Jaegers from Fantassin. Also I've put in an order with Warrior miniatures for some artillery as well as the first 2 units to be used as Westphalians (using their French infantry).


Ray Rousell said...

Great looking figures, I've always loved the uniform of the Brunswick jagers!

Phil said...

These Brunswick troops are looking very nice Scotty!

Rodger said...

They are all fantastic Scotty, very very nice work!

scotty said...

cheers guys

peter said...

Fantastic painted minis Scotty!